Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Lose Weight on Vacation

Last week we took a family vacation to Orlando.

Every single day...we were busy and walking.

Monday....Sea World, running from show to show and walking through the park visiting sea animals.

Tuesday...Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios, running to Harry Potter World and then walking from ride to ride through the park.

Wednesday...Universal Studios, a little slower paced day but still lots of walking.

Thursday....Epcot at Disney World.  Oh My Gosh we walked to all 10 countries and all over future world and spent 13 hours on our feet at the park.  We also enjoyed a meal in Mexico and a meal in France.  Add in a couple beers and a bottle of wine and we were on calorie overload!

Friday....Animal Kingdom.  Lots of walking plus, I ended up completely soaked on the Kali River Rapids ride.  I think I burned at least 500 calories trying to get warm and dry after that!

Saturday....Pool Day! I laid out by the pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort but our room was in the farthest island cluster from the main building.  We walked back and forth three times and it was easily a mile each direction!

All in all....I gained TWO POUNDS!

And....TOM came on the trip with us.

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