Monday, April 15, 2013

What We Learned

In mid December, with the help of Leslie Gail, my family made some big changes.  We've individually tweaked our diets in the past but we've never done it as a family.  I'm so proud of my family for embracing these changes and in many cases teaching me valuable lessons along the way.

My 6 year old son no longer eats french fries even when they are offered to him because they aren't healthy and he was really confused when the doctors office gave him a piece of candy after an appointment.   Alex has such a tender heart and has been so concerned about the health of his Daddy.  We've assured him that these changes will help Keith live longer, that he is working with his doctor and that he doesn't have to worry.

I'd like to publicly apologize again to my husband for not giving him instructions for the flax seed I put  in his lunch box.  I intended for him to put it in his yogurt and he ended up adding water to it and drinking it.   For Three Days!!  I've got to give him props for eating (and or drinking) everything I put in front of him.

The results of our three months of being coached by Leslie are amazing, as far as I'm concerned.  Let's see if I can put them into bullet points because that's how I like to do things!

  • We doubled the amount of vegetables and fruit that we eat. 
  • We drastically reduced the amount of sugar in our diet. 
  • We're more active.
  • We're eat out less and make much better choices when we do.
  • We reduced our serving sizes and size of our plates.
  • My 6 year old son lost 5 pounds and his pants fit so much better!
  • My husband lost 10 pounds and he has less ailments! 
  • My daughter is sleeping so much better.  She didn't have any weight to lose. :)
  • I lost and gained the same 3 pounds, but I lost a couple inches.
  • I've stopped buying candy and hiding it in my coffee cupboard.

We feel better and know that we're on a good track now!  We have goals for the summer to explore eating more vegetables, being regular visitors to the farmer's market and being active as a family.  Keith and I will also be having blood work done again in May to see how it's really effecting our overall health.

Thank you Leslie for coaching my family and giving us the tools we needed to make these important changes!

Keith and Me with my Dad

If you would like to contact Leslie Gail to assist you with your goals you can find her at New Life Focus, on twitter @gr8lifecoach, and on facebook.  You don't have to live in Colorado to use her services.  She can Skype with you anywhere in the world.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Update

It's been almost a month since my last confession.

It's been crazy busy around here with school events, spring break, traveling 1800 miles to Texas and back and illness.  Luckily, I was the only one that got it this time.

I had hoped to be in the middle of my 5k training by now but that just hasn't happened.  The weather hasn't cooperating but I'm hopeful that that is changing.  Spring has sprung!  Except for Tuesday.  It's going to snow on Tuesday.

I finished my 3 month commitment to Leslie Gail, Health Coach extraordinaire!  I'll be doing an entire post about what we learned and where we go from here.  Look for that later this week.

As for my weight....I am still holding steady at 210.  My body is bound and determined to stay exactly where it is.  I don't know if this is because of my age, or that I've wrecked my metabolism  but it is what it is and I'm tired of fretting over it.

How are you doing?