Friday, August 23, 2013

FitBit Dreams

One of the first nights that I wore my Fitbit to bed, I had a weird dream about it.  In my dream, your Fitbit would video tape what you were doing in your sleep so you had a clear picture of why you weren't getting adequate sleep.  Literally.

I hooked my Fitbit up to my computer and the video began.  I started out in my bed and then everything got crazy!  Next thing I knew, I was at a night club and I was dancing on a bar with a cocktail in my hand.  What the heck?  This is why beyond sleep walking!

Based on my Fitbit sleep tracking, I'm not hitting the bars but I'm super restless.  Tossing and turning all night long.

Anyone have ideas for how to get better sleep?  Maybe I should start wearing my ear plugs again.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hide My Nuts

I love raw macadamia nuts.  They are ridiculously expensive and very high in fat and calories, but I love them so much I would probably give up chocolate for them!  The good news is that they are not all bad.  They are high in fiber, aid in digestion and can lower cholesterol.

The real problem with macadamia nuts is that I can't eat just a handful.  If I have a bag of them in my kitchen I keep going back for more.  I recently found a solution for my problem.

I separated my stash bag into servings (10 -12 is a serving) and put them in little snack sized baggies.  Then I asked my husband to hide them from me.  He is allowed to give me a bag every other day!

Now I can have my nuts and they last for a long time!

Do you have a food that you need to ration or have hidden from you?

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Got a Fitbit

I've been telling Keith for a while that I wanted to get a Fitbit.  In fact, I was supposed to get one for Mother's Day and then we planned a trip to San Francisco and I forfeited my gift for the good of the trip.

Why do I keep doing things like that?

Anyway, we were at a birthday party yesterday and Keith had a couple beers so I took him to Best Buy and tricked him into buying me a Fitbit.  I got the ONE when I wanted the FLEX but they never have one in stock.  I didn't want to wait!  I wanted it today! (or yesterday)

This thing fits pretty snugly on my bra!  And as an added bonus, my silent alarm just went off and vibrated my ta-tas!  FUN!

I'm really excited to be able to get more data to help me on my weight loss journey.  I'm interested in the sleep tracking and how many steps I take (or don't take).  I'm hoping it will motivate me to take more steps and move more!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekends Are Hard

Weekends are really hard for me.  We generally go out to eat or make more elaborate meals at home or both!

I made my My Fitness Pal food diary public and that has been helping me keep my calories on track and preventing me from ordering food that I shouldn't.   For example, we went to lunch at our favorite pizza joint on Sunday and I was all set to order a Spinach and Apple Salad with blue cheese and chicken on it.  But then I plugged it into My Fitness Pal and decided to go with the garden salad with dressing on the side because I wanted a glass of wine.  A 150 calorie salad instead of a 650 calorie salad!

While we were sitting there, I thought about what Keith had in the smoker back at home.  Ribs.  I decided that we need to increase our veggie intake (thanks to The Omni Diet book) and we walked across the street to Whole Foods to get something yummy for dinner.  I threw together a couple Summer Salads that used my new fresh herbs that I planted a few weeks ago.  Click HERE for the recipes.

Both were a big hit with my family but they all really loved the tomato salad!  I'll be making that all summer long.

What vegetables are you enjoying this summer?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Weight In

I've had a very good week!

I've mostly stayed on plan even when temped with fast food and treats.

Sidenote: I don't know what's gotten into my husband but he and my daughter have been baking cookies and brownies like crazy!  It's 95 degrees and we don't have central AC. STOP BAKING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 

Yesterday, I even had a Bier!  And Popcorn!

Starting weight:    209
July 5                 207 (-2 pounds)
Total                  2 Pounds

 Now....don't get too excited.  TOM is due to arrive any second now but I'm hoping the Saffron that I'm taking will make his visit a little less traumatic.  I guess we'll see if this stuff is really all it's hyped up to be.  Stay tuned!

In other news....I just started reading The Omni Diet: , it 's very interesting and I'm loving (and actually understanding) the science behind it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Fitness Goals

I love making goals.  Being accountable on some level, even if it's only to a couple people that read this blog...really helps me stick to the plan!

Monthly Goals

What is the plan, you ask?  I'm about to tell you!

Goals for July

[ ] Lose 3 pounds.
[ ] Eat salad twice a week.
[ ] Walk 3 times a week.
[ ] Yoga 2 times a week.
[ ] Lift weights 3 times a week.
[ ] Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.
[ ] Read The Omni Diet by Tana Amen

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Drink Warm Lemon Water

I'm trying like crazy to lead a very healthy life.  My new mantra is What Would a Healthy Person Do?

One thing that I learned that healthy people do is....Drink Warm Lemon Water!

There are all kinds of reasons for this which I am about to list for you in bullet point form.

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Aides in Digestion
  • Balance PH 
  • Aides in Weight Loss
  • Cleanse your system and liver
  • Clean Skin
  • Carries away toxins

Just squeeze half of a lemon into warm (not too hot) water and drink every morning!

I just started drinking warm lemon water THIS morning.  I'll let you know the results!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Ordered Salad

My dear friend Helle is back in Denver for a two month visit!  She was my best friend's Au Pair a year ago and she's come back from Denmark for a vacation.  I'm so happy she's back and can't wait to hang out with her the rest of the summer!

We went out to dinner last night and sitting with my two beautiful friends, I looked at my menu a little more closely.  They are both super healthy and active so I decided to forgo my usual Grown Up Mac and Cheese (too many carbs man!) and instead decided to order a salad.

I never, ever order salad.

I ordered the half Santa Fe Chicken Salad (lettuce, black beans, corn, avocado, creamy spicy dressing) and I loved it!  I didn't know that salad could taste this good and now I want more.  Granted....the dressing was probably high in calories but there were healthy things in there and I didn't feel like crap after I ate.


Do you ever order salad when you go out to eat? 

Wanna see what I got in my first CSA basket?  Click here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm back from vacation and finally over the illness that I ended up with the last half of our trip!  It really sucks balls to be sick on vacation.  I've thrown up (from coughing) so much the last two weeks that I thought I was either pregnant or bulimic.

I'm ready to get this party started and fix my hormones!

There are several key components to this and I'm going to add them in one week at a time.  That seems to work the best for me so that I'm not overwhelmed with change and can't follow through.

  • Vitamins
  • Low Carb (Paleo-ish)
  • Reduce Alcohol
  • Sugar Free
  • Reduce Caffeine

I'm starting the vitamins today! Tomorrow....I'm walking every morning!  Yes, yes I am!

Next week, I'll begin the low carb diet.  I've already reduced my alcohol.  Being sick really helped with that and I'm just going to go with it.  I left caffeine for last....since that will be the hardest habit to kick.

By the end of July I should be in full swing and feeling so much better!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love Prancercise!

You know I've tried every diet and exercise craze out there.  There is one that came to my attention recently that I knew was right up my alley.

You should also know that the video I'm about to show you is a part of a month long series where I vlog every single day.

The exercise craze I'm sharing with you today is.....Prancercise!

It's fun, it's easy and it's a great workout.  Join me!

Monday, June 3, 2013


School is out.  My excuses are gone!

I was sick all last week and lost 5 pounds!  I'll take it wherever I can get it.  Now to keep those 5 pounds off.

We went to the local outdoor mall over the weekend and after walking around to shop and then walking up the stairs at Target (ours is on stilts), I was really winded.

Walking up the Target stairs shouldn't be that big of an accomplishment!

It's time to get busy!

The Plan for June (because if I don't write it down, it won't happen)

  • Start walking in the morning as soon as I wake up at the crack of dawn.
  • Start lifting weights.
  • Start taking my plethera of vitamins.
  • Drink lots of water!!
  • Eat in moderation on my 11 day vacation but drink as much wine as I want while visiting my in-laws.
  • June 25th...START Whole 30 (or Paleo).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Fix Your Hormones in 80 Easy Steps


I've been....away.

Not away away.  But away from here.  But don't you worry!  I haven't backslid and gone back to my old habits.  I'm not hiding any chocolate in my coffee cupboard and I'm still not exercising.

I blame the exercise on the weather.  Holy snow balls Colorado has gotten a lot of snow lately!

My family is still on track.  My son is still refusing french fries and now, thanks to a very informative school daughter is monitoring my 'screen time'.  Awesome!

What has been keeping me the PTA.  Hey!  That rhymes.  I'm the Summer Education Chair and with the help of my committee, we've been launching reading programs, selling summer workbooks and setting up field trips!  It's been a blast!

I'm also the coordinator for Kindergarten Field Day. You'd think someone athletic would be great for this job but you'd be wrong.  HA!

And I'm now the PTA co-president.

All of this has been taking a toll on my already jacked up hormones and it's time to do something about it.  I just spent the weekend reading this book.

This book is ground breaking for anyone that doesn't want to be put on a bunch of medications but would instead like to take a million vitamins and try to adjust your wacky hormones with food (or the lack thereof) the natural way.

I'm all for the natural way.  I don't like medicine and I don't trust pharmaceutical companies. Based on the quizes I took in the book, I have symptoms of high and low cortisol, low progesterone and low estrogen.

Here is what I'm going to do about it!

High/Low Cortisol

My symptoms include difficulty sleeping and fatigue, sugar cravings, loss of stamina and muscle weakness.   I'll be correcting this with 500 mg Vitamin B5, 4000 mg Fish Oil and yoga.

Low Progesterone

My symptoms include PMS, irregular cycles, headaches and disrupted sleep.  Correcting this one is going to be tricky.  I requires a huge change on my part but I'm willing to try it if it means I can feel better and not lose whole days of my life every month.

I'll be correcting this with 750 mg Vitamin C, Saffron Extract (15mg twice a day), 600 mg Calcium (twice a day), 200 mg Magnesium, 100 mg B6 ALSO....I'll be cutting way back on caffeine  alcohol, sugar and going paleo.  Goodbye (again) bread and cereal!

Low Estrogen

This is hard to admit and I can't believe that this is happening to me because I have always been kind of a naughty girl, but I'm having....libido issues.  It seemed to start happening around the time I hit 40 and when all of the symptoms I listed above started happening.  This is the symptom that concerns me the most because if you're not having sex with your hubby...then you're just roommates and that sucks!'s the deal.  I'm going on vacation in three and a half weeks.  HOLY CRAP I'm going on vacation in three and a half weeks! We're going to San Francisco, Fresno and Ventura Beach.  It will be very difficult to change my diet so drastically (and not drink around my in laws) so I'll be starting when I return. Seriously, there is a Trader Joe's 2 blocks from my hotel.

In the meantime, I'm starting the vitamins.  Lots and lots of vitamins.

Have you noticed changes since you turned 40? What are you doing about it?

Monday, April 15, 2013

What We Learned

In mid December, with the help of Leslie Gail, my family made some big changes.  We've individually tweaked our diets in the past but we've never done it as a family.  I'm so proud of my family for embracing these changes and in many cases teaching me valuable lessons along the way.

My 6 year old son no longer eats french fries even when they are offered to him because they aren't healthy and he was really confused when the doctors office gave him a piece of candy after an appointment.   Alex has such a tender heart and has been so concerned about the health of his Daddy.  We've assured him that these changes will help Keith live longer, that he is working with his doctor and that he doesn't have to worry.

I'd like to publicly apologize again to my husband for not giving him instructions for the flax seed I put  in his lunch box.  I intended for him to put it in his yogurt and he ended up adding water to it and drinking it.   For Three Days!!  I've got to give him props for eating (and or drinking) everything I put in front of him.

The results of our three months of being coached by Leslie are amazing, as far as I'm concerned.  Let's see if I can put them into bullet points because that's how I like to do things!

  • We doubled the amount of vegetables and fruit that we eat. 
  • We drastically reduced the amount of sugar in our diet. 
  • We're more active.
  • We're eat out less and make much better choices when we do.
  • We reduced our serving sizes and size of our plates.
  • My 6 year old son lost 5 pounds and his pants fit so much better!
  • My husband lost 10 pounds and he has less ailments! 
  • My daughter is sleeping so much better.  She didn't have any weight to lose. :)
  • I lost and gained the same 3 pounds, but I lost a couple inches.
  • I've stopped buying candy and hiding it in my coffee cupboard.

We feel better and know that we're on a good track now!  We have goals for the summer to explore eating more vegetables, being regular visitors to the farmer's market and being active as a family.  Keith and I will also be having blood work done again in May to see how it's really effecting our overall health.

Thank you Leslie for coaching my family and giving us the tools we needed to make these important changes!

Keith and Me with my Dad

If you would like to contact Leslie Gail to assist you with your goals you can find her at New Life Focus, on twitter @gr8lifecoach, and on facebook.  You don't have to live in Colorado to use her services.  She can Skype with you anywhere in the world.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Update

It's been almost a month since my last confession.

It's been crazy busy around here with school events, spring break, traveling 1800 miles to Texas and back and illness.  Luckily, I was the only one that got it this time.

I had hoped to be in the middle of my 5k training by now but that just hasn't happened.  The weather hasn't cooperating but I'm hopeful that that is changing.  Spring has sprung!  Except for Tuesday.  It's going to snow on Tuesday.

I finished my 3 month commitment to Leslie Gail, Health Coach extraordinaire!  I'll be doing an entire post about what we learned and where we go from here.  Look for that later this week.

As for my weight....I am still holding steady at 210.  My body is bound and determined to stay exactly where it is.  I don't know if this is because of my age, or that I've wrecked my metabolism  but it is what it is and I'm tired of fretting over it.

How are you doing?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

His and Her Veggies

For the last 9 years, I've been packing my husband's lunch. 

When we first moved in together, he was on a steady diet of Healthy Choice meals.  He is a creature of habit and likes what he likes.  I packed a cardboard box and a Diet Coke every day and he was very happy. 

At some point I convinced him that he should eat some real food and he took left overs from the night before.  And a Diet Coke.  

He's never been a sandwich guy. 

We moved to Utah and he was diagnosed with Diabetes.  This changed not only his lunches, but our dinners.  This is when he started eating lots of steel cut oats with a tablespoon of peanut butter on top.  He still took leftovers for lunch but they were healthy. 

Now he's moved on to greek yogurt with ground flax seed, almonds, assorted veggies, a banana and a Coke Zero.  He doesn't tolerate leftovers and we don't have many anymore.  I like making exactly 4 servings so that some people can't go back for seconds. Correct portion sizes are one of our New Years Resolutions!

I should be eating more vegetables but I don't like taking the time to cut them up.  I like to grab something easy.  Two weeks ago, it occurred to me that I should be making myself a nice container of veggies everyday at the same time that make one for iKeith.  Why didn't I think of this before? I take the time to care for everyone...but me.

But not anymore.  It takes a couple minutes more to cute up a few extra for me!

His and Her Veggies!

I accidentally packed the Hello Kitty container in his lunch the other day.  Keith was NOT impressed.  In my defense...they are both GREEN!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goals for March

It's March 5th!  Seriously?  What the heck is going on?  How is it the 5th already?  Time to revisit our goals for February and make new ones for March!

February 2013

Lose 4 pounds GAINED 1.4
Research fitness ideas for my family Looked at Bikes, bought son a scooter
Make Bread Made over Mom's Banana Bread recipe
Make a date with my husbandSet for March 2!
Start C25K and train for a 5K race  Too Snowy

March 2013

Lose 2 pounds
Make Pasta
Train for 5K race
Cut carbs by 50%

What are your goals for March?

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Only Lose Weight in my Face

I can't seem to get the scale to move in the direction that I want it to move, especially this week.  It's Denver Restaurant Week and we had reservations at two amazing places. It's been quite a lesson in how eating healthy makes you feel, as opposed to eating rich, heavy food.

We had cajun Tuesday night.  It all tasted so good and we were beyond stuffed when we left.  We didn't sleep well and felt terrible the next day. I spent the next two days eating tons of body craved them after the that I'd put it through.

Saturday night, we had a date night at Lola in the Highland area of Denver.  We started at a wine bar where we shared a cheese tray.  Small amounts of delicious cheese, figs and nuts. Lola is coastal mexican and the servings are small.  We had ceviche, a seafood enchilada and shared spiced chocolate flan. Everything was light and fresh and we weren't stuffed.  We also shared a tequila flight!  What a treat!

I remarked about how in the past, we would frequently eat the heavy and rich meal but now because we've been eating differently, we crave the smaller, fresh options.  We really could have done without the cheese course but we both love cheese and wine, so we took the opportunity.

During our meal, my husband took my picture and I noticed something amazing.  I'm losing weight in my face!  It's noticeably thinner!  Why am I not losing anywhere else????? EDITED:  Took my measurements this morning.  My waist is an inch smaller.

I've also decided to make this picture my PTA President Campaign Picture.  Vote for me...or else!

My friend Jessica has challenged me to a fitness challenge and it's exactly what I need to get my butt in gear!  I'll be doing this every other day from today to March 21st.  Almost three weeks!  She took the video clips from Fitness Magazine's website and made a 15 minute video without ads and noise.

 Join us! And drop a pant size!

Monday, February 25, 2013

We Changed Our Minds

Last week was tough.  Between me being under the influence of TOM, my husband on deadline and only coming home to sleep and my son having a double ear infection with NO symptoms (besides ear pain), I was ready to throw in the towel.

The highlight of my week was my phone chat with Leslie Gail, my health coach!  The name 'Health Coach' just doesn't do her justice.  She's been so helpful to me and has really given me so much clarity when looking at why I do things and finding solutions to my families struggles.  Having her check in with me weekly has keep me on track!

I had a few very specific goals going into this.

  •  I wanted to conquer my sugar addition once and for all.
  •  I wanted to put my family on a healthy path.
  •  I wanted to help my son who was slightly over weight. 

I have a month to go with Leslie and I'm happy to say that we are doing great on all of these goals!  The fact that I only bought ONE box of Thin Mints even though I walk past children selling them every single day is a great testament to how my sugar addiction is going.  Interestingly, the less sugar I eat, the less I want wine.

One thing that has helped my son tremendously is what he eats for snacks.  We've eliminated chips, crackers, cookies and juice.  Instead, he now eats protein balls, organic granola bars, fruit, vegetables and occasionally....pretzels.  We've cut his portion sizes and he now needs less food during the day and rarely asks for seconds.

Often he doesn't even need a snack anymore.  When I add more protein to his meals, he stays full longer and then he is really hungry for dinner at night and is more likely to try a new vegetable or eat ALL of his healthy meal.  Being hungry is very motivating!  HA!

I figure that we've eliminated a couple hundred calories from his day and this has resulted in him losing 5 pounds and his little belly is almost flat.  His pants fit better and he runs more at recess.  He tells me that he's faster now and can catch the girls.

I'm really proud of him because he is learning good habits and our discussions about being healthy and active are sinking in.  I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and the receptionist told him to come see her on our way out.  She gave him a Sponge Bob Gummy Candy.  These are the worst candy in the world....have you seen these things?

As we were walking down the hallway to the elevator, he looked at me and said, 'Really?  The doctors office gave me candy?  That's not very healthy.'

No, little one.  That is NOT very healthy and you have been paying attention!  Normally, I'd reward his positive behavior with food, but our new plan calls for rewarding kids with books and legos.  He picked a book that he could read while he rested in bed.  

In only two months, we've change our habits and are regularly making good choices.  We changed our minds!  

If you would like to contact Leslie Gail to assist you with your goals you can find her at New Life Focus, on twitter @gr8lifecoach, and on facebook.  You don't have to live in Colorado to use her services.  She can Skype with you anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bye Week

I'm taking a bye week. Is that how they spell it in football? You know what I mean right, that week when the team doesn't play. I've decided that every time TOM shows up, I'm taking a bye week.

TOM is trying to play some tricky game on me....I think he's invited his friend MENopause to the party because OMG, I have been a mess this month. (If you are a dude reading this....Stop Now) Cramps, migraines that last for days and crying fits so bad that you'd think I'd just been kicked off from The Bachelor.

I did manage to go for a long walk with my family in the cold and wind on Saturday. GO ME! We bought our son a scooter so that both children would have them and so I could chase them around the park.'s all up to me to drive them and their scooters to the dang park. IT'S ALL ON ME! 

Oh...right, it's winter in Colorado and the threat of snow is always around. The days are getting nicer, it just means I'm not consistant yet-but I'll get there.

  Goals for Week Seven Eight

Linking up with The Java Mama for The Biggest Loser.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Step Up My Game

I'm really tired of losing the same 2 pounds over and over again. I know I'm making better choices but I need to step up my game.  I keep saying this...but I've got to get my heart rate up.  I've got to RUN!

It snowed and my momentum came to a screeching halt.  We even bought my son a scooter so I could chase both kids around the park.  Maybe today...if the weather cooperates. Maybe I started this training business too soon.  It IS February in Colorado.....

I've also got TOM breathing down my neck again.  And if I want to keep from gaining next week, I've got to go Paleo. It's the only thing that works.

  Re-visit Goals for Week Six
  • Drink More Water  Not Really
  • No Booze (ONE Glass of Wine)
  • Exercise 4 Times  (Yes, but didn't RUN)
  • Food Journal   YES
  • Lose 2 pounds  Almost
Starting weight:     211.6
Last week:              210.6 (+ 1.6 pounds)
This week:              209 (- 1.6 pounds)
TOTAL LOSS:         -2.6  pound

Goals for Week Seven

Linking up with The Java Mama for The Biggest Loser.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Damn Pizza

About a month ago, I had my first physical in 5 years.  I'd been putting it off for a while because I was afraid.  Although I knew that I'd been making small adjustments to our diet, I knew the numbers would tell the true story.

Once you have those numbers in front of can't deny what needs to be done.  You have to take action or face the consequences.  Those consequences are heart disease, cancer and DEATH.

You might think I'm being dramatic.  I might be a little bit, but the facts are that I have slightly high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol and I'm getting close to the pre-diabetic line.  I'm also very low in Vitamin D.

The good news is that the numbers aren't so bad that they can't be corrected.  I've caught it before things get out of hand and I've done damage that can't be fixed.  Again, I'm reminded that my baby steps aren't working and it's time for drastic and dramatic change.

It's time to exercise and it's time to get my family active!

I think it's also time for me to stop eating pizza.  I had some on Friday night and I felt terrible for two days! UGH!  And I gained two pounds and I'm having trouble getting rid of it.

REVIEW Goals for Week Five:
  • Drink More Water! YES!!
  • No Wine/Beer/Vodka YES!
  • Exercise 4 Times (even if it's just dancing for 10 minutes) Just twice.
  • Write in my food journal  YES!

Starting weight:     211.6
Last week:              209 (- .8 pounds)
This week:              210.6 (+ 1.6 pounds)
TOTAL LOSS:         -1  pound

Goals for Week Six

  • Drink More Water
  • No Booze
  • Exercise 4 Times
  • Food Journal
  • Lose 2 pounds
Linking up with The Java Mama for The Biggest Loser.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Wanna be a Runner

Monday afternoon I decided this is the year that I become a runner.

I then spent the next 3 hours recruiting friends,  researching 5K races, creating and naming our team's facebook group. #RunForThePils(ner)

Have I mentioned that I'm a little bit Type A?  Now, I just need to be a little bit type A with my training and pay my friends to kick my ass.

By the way, I picked the name of our team because all of the races I selected to train for...have beer at the end.  Then someone told me ALL races have beer at the end.  Why hasn't anyone ever told me this before.  I would have been a runner a long time ago if I'd know.  I'm willing to lots of things for beer!

Here are a few races that we're training for.

The Cherry Creek Sneak, April 28th 2013  A really fun 5K.  People wear costumes!

The Drop Your Drawers 5K, May 31st 2013  This is a race for charity that helps provide underwear to low income children.  What a great cause!

The Highland Running of the Bulls, July 13th 2013  This is a hoot!  Run down the street while being chased and beaten with pool noodle wielding Roller Derby Girls.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Secret To Losing Weight

It's the end of the month report time!!

Before I tell you about our progress for January, I'm going to share one of our secrets for losing 12.6 pounds as a family.  I was just talking to my good friend Barbie about this a few days ago and she's posting about it today too.  Check her out at The Bold Blend.

I went to Target and bought some new plates at the beginning of the year.  Then I realized that we really only needed the salad plate on the left.  It is the prefect size for a meal.  I've experimented with several meals from pasta to chicken and quinoa and the correct serving sizes fit on the salad plate.  And they are only $1.99 at Target! 

Correct serving sizes are the secret to losing weight!

January seemed to go by pretty quickly.  We had a lot going on and it's not slowing down until mid March.  I can't wait for Spring Break so I can relax for a week...oh wait, we're taking a trip. Nevermind.

My family has adapted well to our new eating plan.  The Obama Plan as it's been dubbed is a frequent topic of conversation.  My kids want to know if certain things are healthy and what isn't.  I feel really good that we're teaching them good habits....finally.

I'm so impressed with my little boy.  He's almost 7 but has been wearing husky pants a size or two larger than what he's supposed to be wearing.  He loves Pizza and Ice Cream.  We haven't cut these things out completely....but we've cut them back.  I'm happy to say that he has lost 2.8 pounds this month!  His pants fit so much better and he has been more active at school.

My little girl is already a peanut.  She is tall and thin.  She lost 1.8 pounds this month and now her slim fit pants are falling down. She was already a pretty healthy eater, she loves yogurt and fruit and most veggies.  If anything, we've improved her eating habits.

My dear husband pushed back so hard at first.  I know that he's a smart man and he knew that this plan was better for him.  But I do understand that change is hard and no likes being hungry.  I'm happy to report that he has lost 5 pounds and is now embracing the plan!  He's enjoying the food, although he did mention he'd like me to take a small break from the lime and cilantro.  HA!

I did not lose as much as I'd hoped for.  On January 1st I weight in at 211.6, I then ballooned up to 213 when my in laws were in town but I'm counting January 1st weight as my true weigh in.  As of today, I've lost 3 pounds!  I am proud of the fact that I lost those 3 pounds in a very healthy way and that I'm changing our eating habits for good.

I'm so proud of my family and their commitment to this new plan.  I'm confident that 2013 is going to be our best year yet!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vow of Sobriety

Let's go over last week's goals and see how I did.

Goals for Week Four:
  • Drink More Water! FAIL
  • Avoid Sugar YES!
  • Exercise 3 times (figure out the BEST time of day) Only once
  • Limit wine to twice a week  YES
  • Write in my food journal This needs some work

Bummer.  My daughter fell ill on Tuesday afternoon and was sick until Saturday.  TOM was with us all week too so things didn't go according to plan.  However, I lost the .8 that showed up last week and I refrained from eating tons of sugar while I was incapacitated.

Starting weight:     211.6
Last week:              209.8 (+  .8 pounds)
This week:               209    (-  .8 pounds)
LOSS:                    -2.6 pounds

I think I've discovered that working out first thing in the morning is best for me.  If I try to wait until my family leaves for work and school...I get wrapped up in my computer doing other things and I don't get it done.

I also desperately need to write in my food journal every single day!

My dear friend Heather is doing hCG again this month so to support her,  I've taken a vow of sobriety for the month of February.

Goals for Week Five:
  • Drink More Water!
  • No Wine/Beer/Vodka
  • Exercise 4 Times (even if it's just dancing for 10 minutes)
  • Write in my food journal
You can see my weekly menu plan here.

Linking up with The Java Mama for The Biggest Loser.  I've met some great gals that are working hard to drop some pounds and get healthy!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Re-Training my Brain

I feel really good about last week!  I ate well....and I exercised a few times.  I even took pictures of my food a few days in an attempt to keep myself accountable.  I made it through the weekend without blowing my diet!

I went to a cooking class at Whole Foods with my friend Heather and we learned a couple more meatless recipes.  You can see the pictures and recipes here.  Quinoa is my new best friend and even my kids are liking it.  WINNING!  Sorry...was that annoying?

I  had an AH-HA moment this week involving watermelon!  It feels like I'm learning how to eat all over again and re-training my brain to think like a healthy person.

I was super excited for my weigh in this morning and then TOM decided to rear his ugly head a few days early. It has to be the reason for the slight gain.  Hoping for better news next week.

Starting weight:     211.6
Last week:              209 (-2.6 pounds)
This week:              209.8 (+  .8 pounds)
LOSS:                    -1.8 pounds

Goals for Week Four:
  • Drink More Water!
  • Avoid Sugar
  • Exercise 3 times (figure out the BEST time of day)
  • Limit wine to twice a week
  • Write in my food journal

Linking up with the lovely Java Mama for The Biggest Loser Challenge!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Can Afford Watermelon

I stood in the produce section looking at the beautiful little watermelons with the $5.99 price tag.  My kids love watermelon and they think it's only for summer.  I hesitated because of the price but decided I wanted to blow their little minds.

Then I had an(other) Ah-Ha moment.

I'm not buying junk for my kids anymore.  The price of one of these sweet luscious watermelons is the same price as two bags of potato chips. I can afford watermelon!

We ate it for dessert and the kids were so happy, excited and full.   Watermelon is also filling!

I went to a cooking class at Whole Foods this weekend and I learned to make two meatless recipes.  I can't wait to make this for my family and add them to our regular menu.  Click here to see the recipes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Obama Plan

I've discussed the reasons for this transformation of my families habits.  The overall goal is to be more healthy.....and live longer.  The bonus is that we all lose weight and look better in our pants!

The real catalyst for this was the re-election of President Obama and the realization that we are stuck with ObamaCare.  This is not a political post and I'm not going to discuss the pros and cons of universal healthcare.

The reality is that things are going to change.  Health care professionals are going to quit, appointments are going to be harder to come by and surgeries will be denied. 

It's already happening.  My uncle Terry in California is 62 year old and waiting to die.  His kidneys are failing and he has been denied surgery.  He has many years left to live but it has been decided that the cost is too high.

We've explained to our children the reasons for the changes in our eating habits.  They know all about ObamaCare and that their Dad is old. (ha ha) They have dubbed our new plan....The Obama Plan!

So funny.


Now...for my weekly weigh in!

Starting weight:  211.6
Todays weight:   209
LOSS:                     2.6 pounds!!

I'm pretty happy with this number considering that I really haven't started exercising yet.  I just started today.

I'm also happy to report that after much pushback from my husband about his reduced portion sizes....he has lost 4 pounds since January 1st and is now fully on board! Funny how that works.....

My children are adjusting remarkably well.  They don't miss the juice, are loving the vegetables but they don't care for the whole wheat organic bread.

Linking up with The Java Mama for The Biggest Loser!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And So It Begins....

I just found out about a The Biggest Loser Challenge that is being hosted by The Java Mama!  If you're visiting me for the first time and want to learn more about my weight loss here.

I love finding new blogs to follow and people that are in the same boat as I am. Picture a bunch of us in a boat...eating spinach and quinoa. And doing jumping jacks. You DO NOT want to be the one that falls out of the boat.


 I had my official first meeting with my health coach Leslie Gail today. She came to my apartment and we talked about my goals and we went through my kitchen and looked at labels. She made some recommendations on items that I could replace with something healthier. I've decided that I'd like to try to make some items in my kitchen, so that I know exactly what is in them.

 It's important to me that my kids food have as little chemicals as possible. Basically, if it comes in a's crap! I want to know what they are eating and know that it's good for them.

 I'm still struggling to find vegetables that my son will eat. We tried Red Pepper tonight. He didn't like it but I'll keep trying.

My Goals for January:

  • Lose 6 pounds 
  • No Candy/Cookie/Soda in the house. (if I don't buy them, I can't hide them
  • Begin exercise program (videos on tv) 
  • Make healthier meals. 
  • Keep a food journal 
  • Experiment with making bread, granola bars and spiced nuts. 
  • Find an insulated snack container for my son's backpack snack.

I have to say....I am very excited to get started!  I'm encouraged that with Leslie's support and accountability, I'll reach my goals each month and make real lasting changes in my household.

I'm not just doing this for me and my has to be a family change and effort or we'll just slip back into bad habits again.   I want to see my kids be healthy and make exercise a regular part of their life.  My husband is turing 50 this year and we have kindergarteners.  I want him to meet his grandchildren someday!  I know that's asking for a lot....but I think you should dream big or go home.

Per The Biggest Loser posting for this week....I'm sharing a motivation picture.

This picture is from 10 years ago.  I had just met my husband and I was regularly exercising and eating salad for dinner.  And I had long beautiful blonde hair!  I looked good, I felt good and gal darn it....people liked me.

I want her back.

By the way, Leslie Gail is available for Life/Health coaching and can work with you even if you don't live in Denver.  Contact her here if you're interested.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I need a psychiatrist. that who you go to when you're crazy pants?

I feel like my brain is the one that keeps me from breaking old habits and making new healthy ones.   I want to know why I do the things that I do and why I can't seem to stop doing them.  I've got the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other and that devil kicks the angels ass all the time.

It's probably terrible parenting but we tell our kids that things are all in their heads.  You really don't like potatoes?  Even though you haven't tasted one yet?  It's all in your head, you've convinced yourself that you don't like that potato.  But you don't know....

I don't really need sugar.....or wine, but my brain thinks that I do and talks me into it.

I've got to find a way to override the system.

"You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life." - Wayne Dyer

I release the need for sugar and alcohol in my life.  I don't need it and it's not good for me.  I can live without it and I'll be healthier without it.  My kids don't need it either.

Today is another day.  Another day to do my very best and resist the devil.

Lord help me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No More Walking in Place

My meeting with my new health coach went well.  We talked about what I've done to lose weight....what has worked and what hasn't.  We talked about sugar addiction and the fact that I hide candy in my kitchen.  (bad connie)

The changes that I'm about to make in my home have been coming for a while.  We've been taking baby steps for several years but it's time to take big steps and finally move forward.

We're kind of walking in place right now and that's not doing anyone any good.

We're going to be working with Leslie Gail from New Life Focus and we've signed up for 3 months of support, recipes and accountability.  

I say WE because I'm dragging my husband and children along on this journey with me.  This is a group effort and I'm determined to succeed!

One of the main reasons for these changes is that I want my husband to live for a long time. He's going to be 50 this year and we have small children; I want him to be around to see them grow into awesome people.

I have a friend on twitter that just lost her husband two weeks ago.  He was 44 and he died of a heart attack.  This scares the hell out of me!  I'll do anything...including eat tons of spinach and kale, to keep my husband alive longer. 

Even though he yelled at me at The Container Store the other day and I threatened to kick his ass....I love him very much and I need him around.

Goals for January:
  • Lose 8 pounds.  
  • No candy/cookies/soda in my house.
  • Begin an exercise program.  Put in on the calendar!
  • Make healthier meals.
  • Research:  Low-fat Mexican Meals

Starting weight: 211.6 (dang you Christmas)
January weight: 208.6 (-3 pounds)
February weight:
March weight:
Total Lost:

Goals for 2013:

Lose 25 pounds and not find them again.
Run the 5K at school.
Exercise 5 days a week.
Take a real yoga class.
Get a Physical. (it's been 4 years) DONE January 2013
Get a Mammogram.