Monday, May 31, 2010

Dieter's Log: May 31st's weight is 190.6.

I've been fluctuating between 188 and 191 so this is a good starting point.

I made french toast for my family this morning and I ate two pieces...even though I would have been more than happy with one.

I just grabbed my first glass of water...a little later than I'd planned but I'll make up for it.

2 pieces of French Toast with butter and syrup
2 pieces of bacon
Coffee with half and half

Frozen Yogurt

Beef Kabobs with onion, mushrooms and red pepper

Vodka Martini with 3 Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives (for my Bachelorette drinking game)
Water: 64 oz

Exercise: Trying on clothes for an hour with a migraine...does this count as exercise? Sure felt like it....

Nutrient Summary
Fat........................... 51g 45.5%
Protein.....................62g 24.8%
Carbohydrates .......74g 29.7%
Sugars.............. ...... 33g
Fiber.................. ....... 2g
Cholesterol ...............317mg
Sodium............ ........ 1,527mg

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Wore Shorts

I wore shorts outside of the house today.

I think the last time I did this was 2006. Maybe 2005.

I wore shorts outside of the house and they didn't ride up.

This feels like the most amazing feat in the world!!

I've gained a little weight and I leave for a fabulous 6 day vacation to San Francisco in one week. I know I'm going to eat lots of yummy things that I don't normal eat and I'm going to drink alcohol every day.

I've also been really bad about eating low carb. I've been horrible about it actually.

So...this whole week (starting with LUNCH* tomorrow) I'm going to eat low/no carb and try to de-bloat and de-tox in preparation for my vacation and hopefully my clothes will fit a little better by then.

This is going to be quite a feat because TOM should be here tomorrow. I'm going to resist him and the allure of carbs/chocolate/wine and I'm going to guzzle water instead.

Each day I'll be posting my weight and food journal.

Wish me luck!

*LUNCH because I'm making french toast for my family for Memorial Day Breakfast.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Thoughts on hCG Diet

ABC4 in Utah did a story about the hCG diet a few nights ago. They showed people that have had great success...better success than me in fact and they were raving about the diet and the clinic that they went to.

Then they had this nutritionist from the University of Utah that said that this diet starves the weight off and that is very dangerous.

I can tell you from my experience BEING pregnant and overweight and my experience doing the injections of the hCG diet that I was not starving and my body burned fat in places that I've NEVER been able to lose it. My back, my neck, my BUTT and my legs.

These area's are still smaller even though I've gained back 8 pounds due to TOM (I really need to get a handle on him) and my recent oral surgery.

You can and will lose the weight on this diet. The KEY is that you MUST watch what you eat when you are done or the pounds will creep back on. I'm also living proof to that.

If you really want the full scoop on this diet and how I did...go through my archives starting at the end of December. I tried to post as much as I could and I was very honest with what I was going through and my thoughts.

This diet wasn't super easy for me, it was hard to break some old habits and I'm still struggling with that. But for me it was the answer I was looking for.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I'm Eating


This week....the lovely Amanda wants me to show my food storage. Because I live in Utah, you would think I have much more food storage than this but I do not. If the plague came tomorrow...I'd be screwed.

Also, I'm just a few days away from going to the grocery store and I shop for two weeks at a time so my supplies are a little depleted...but all of the good stuff is here and accounted for.

My Fridge....
  The top half contains all my favorite things.  Cheese (blue, goat and cottage), sugar free jello and pudding, 1% organic milk delivered to our front door from a local dairy farm, juice, sugar free iced tea and a box of wine.

My top crisper draw (at the top of the picture) has more cheese and natural lunchmeat (chicken and preservatives).  Then we have eggs, Zero, Grapes and Corn Tortillas.  That chunk of Cauliflower has been in my fridge for 3 weeks....I can't remember what I was going to make with it.  The bottom crisper has salad, lemons and carrots.

The Pantry....

I have my own shelf because the kids keep stealing my snacks.  I like to eat goat cheese with Triskets for a snack and I love a piece of string cheese with a handful of pretzels.  My favorite snack is smokehouse almonds!  I have cranberries and pecan pieces to put on my blue cheese salad.  I love the Sara Lee Wheat Bread because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup and my kids love it!

I like to keep bananas, apples and tomatoes here so we can see them and remember to eat them.

Overall...I'm pleased with what I've been eating.  I haven't been losing but I'm not gaining either.  And the Shred....lasted one day!  I think I'll pick that back up after my dental surgery (May 13th...pray for me).

Do you want to see what I'm wearing?