Monday, February 28, 2011


I worked hard last week.  I went to the gym twice!  Which is twice more than the previous 30 days. My eating wasn't awesome...but it wasn't bad.  I called a truce with the remaining box of Thin Mints.  I'm going to see how long I can keep that box in there without opening it.

Here is a picture of that box.  I'll update weekly to keep myself accountable! weigh in on Saturday:

Last week: 206.6
This week: 206
Loss: .6

Not bad...I'll take it. I started the month at 205 so I have a lot of work to do and water to drink! Especially since I went a little crazy with the wine over the weekend.  Oops.

How did you do this week?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Days....

This is twice this week friends! I'm a freakin roll!

I ate too many damn Thin Mints (they are not making me thinner) yesterday so I really stepped it up today.

25 min Elliptical
20 min Bike

I was even sweating!!

I have one box of Thin Mints left and I'm not going to open them.

Nope. Not going to do it.

I son gave me his cold. He coughed right in my face on Tuesday. My throat is sore and my nose is running. I'm hoping that working out made the germs run away in fear!

My husband isn't going to want to hear this...but i saw another naked chick in the locker room.  I see more (*)(*) than he does!  HA!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking for Consistancy

I made it to the gym this morning and here's my proof! I struggled...going to the gym once a month is hard. I need to be much more consistant!

sweaty guy in coat! 4 year old woke up at 2am sick, so there was no working out. I was bummed. I really was!

I did really well with my eating yesterday and I actually felt...thinner.

I also started a new twitter account for my weight loss struggle. If you tweet...please follow @skinnyconnie.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Ass, Get in Gear.

This post is about how I need to get my ass in gear!

I've jacked around with the same 5 pounds for two months now and I'm sick of it.

I feel like this....

My husband registered us for his 30th High School Reunion yesterday.  It's on July 30.

160 days!

I have to do something!

I went to the gym today...and it was closed.  Whoever was supposed to be there at 8am didn't show up.  I went to Whole Foods and went back.  Still not open.

I tried to go walk around the lake with my son.  The wind came up and he was too cold.


Tomorrow...I'm going to the gym.  No Excuses!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fat Like Me

I've decided that I shouldn't blog during the week that TOM* is visiting.  If fact, I should really be allowed to move into my own apartment for that week because I really believe that PMS is a mental illness and I'm afflicted with it.

So...TOM was here last week and he brought a couple pounds with him that don't want to leave.  WHY do I have to deal with this every month?  I'm so tired of it.

Speaking of tired....I'm really tired of comments from my husband.

Sunday night...he was making me dinner for Valentine's Day (salmon with red onion and mushrooms) and I was sitting at the table enjoying a glass of wine and looking at my stats on this blog.

I told him that I love reading some of the things people google to get here and that most of them include Fat Mommy and hCG related searches.

He asked me if this blog is a joke.  Since I'm obviously not losing any weight.

My feelings were hurt.  Badly.

I joked it off like I always do...that's how I handle people that are supposed to love me making comments about my weight.  Oh and I normally eat a box of cookies.

I didn't have any cookies.....

Last night...we were laying in bed talking about the kids and I mentioned how my 3 year old Mallory is always hungry.  She's very thin and appears to have a very high metabolism.  I think she burns her food really I'm constantly feeding her!

My husband told me that he thinks she's trying to get fat so that she looks like me.

He might has well have stabbed me in the heart.  In fact, I swore to God I was bleeding somewhere...turned out to be tears.

My heart hurts so badly this morning.  I can't imagine that this is why she's hungry all the time.

Or is it my husband's passive aggressive way of telling me that he doesn't want a fat wife anymore.

If he's trying to motivate me to lose weight...this doesn't help.  It makes me what to eat cookies.

This is what I grew up with.

This is where this all started.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I love weight loss apps.  I have about 4 of them on my phone/ipad.  There's one that I paid $10 for that I completely regret.

My friend Teri just told me about a new one (new to's been around for a while) and it's free!

My Fitness Pal

One of the things I didn't like about many of these apps is that they don't have a water tracker.  This one does.  And you can get friends and comment on each other's posts for support.

I need support!

So...if you use My Fitness Pal...friend me.  Connieaw.

Calorie Counter
MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Friday, February 4, 2011

Detoxing is working!

I've been doing Suzanne Summers Detox this week and after only 4 days...I've lost 3 pounds.

I've been eating eggs and veggies (mushrooms, onions and tomatoes) for breakfast and then if I'm hungry..I have a piece of fruit 2 hours later.  But I haven't been hungry and eating the fruit messes up my lunch time schedule because I like to eat lunch while watching The Young and The Restless at 11am.

In the afternoon, I have been eating an apple or strawberries because I have a habit of eating around 3pm. I also want more coffee at this time but I'm trying to resist.  I didn't resist yesterday because it was snowing.

I love to sit with a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall. for lunch, I've been making lettuce wraps. Hormel Natural Turkey (no preservatives or nitrates!), swiss cheese and avocado wrapped up in a big lettuce leaf.  On the side...snap peas and celery.

For dinner I've been having a 3 oz piece of meat (roast, chicken, pork) and a salad of romaine with a sprinkling crumbled blue cheese and died cranberries. I hope it warms up a little bit because I'm running out of grilled meat and I need to make some more.

Last night I had a glass of wine.  I miss wine.

I did cheat a little bit....I had half of a tortilla, a piece of toast and a glass of wine.  Not too bad!

Now...the good news. I've been feeling....better!  The fogginess has left, I have a little more energy and I've been sleeping better.

Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate some Veganish into this low carb plan.  They don't seem like they can really go together.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going Veganish

Did you watch Oprah on Tuesday?  She and her staff took a 7 day Vegan challenge.  I was really interested in what Kathy Freston (author of Veganist) had to say because the woman is beautiful and has the body that I want.

I watched the program and thought there could be some merit to eating this way.  I don't think I could ever be a Full Time Vegan...but I think I could be Veganish.  I was encouraged by the stories of the Harpo staff that said they felt better and had more energy.

I want to feel better and have more energy.

I talked to my husband about the show and I already knew he was going to fight me.  I suggested Meatless Monday and he said NO.  Later when I joked with him on iChat about going Vegan...this was his response to me.

We are designed by our creator to eat all kinds of food. We were given brains to determine what we can eat based on our environment. If we have so many choices, we also have free will and self discipline to regulate what we eat and don't eat.

Why does he have to be so difficult?

Anyway...I'm going to experiment with a couple recipes and will serve him some kind of meat with his so he doesn't know I'm tricking him.

I've been having some success with my detox and I'm excited to tell you about it tomorrow.