Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fast Food Has to Go

I'm sure glad that my official weigh in day isn't until Saturday. 

I'm up a couple pounds and feeling gross and I know exactly why.

Last week was a tough week.  Hubby working late, TOM and a killer migraine.

I ate a lot of fast food...Qdoba (but without the tortilla), Pizza (but I threw up all day first), Taco Bell and two Danish Pastries from an awesome bakery.

I know that fast food has lots of chemicals and sodium in it.  I know it's bad for me.  I need to stop eating it.

Who wants to join me in a Fast Food Fast for the month of September?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Goals...Aug 30-Sept 5

I have 13 days...until my 40th birthday.

40. Forty. Four Oh.  Oh NO!

Every time I say that word...I feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach and I want to cry.

On September 11th...I'm going out with my husband to celebrate and I HAVE TO fit into my white jeans. (yes..I'm aware it will be after Labor Day...I'm a rebel)  Last time I wore them I weighed 190 pounds.


I haven't tried them on yet....I'm waiting for TOM to leave.  I do have a back up dress from when I weighed more but I don't want to wear it.  I want to wear my white pants.

Goals for this week:

  • Walk in the morning Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
  • NO FAST FOOD starting Tuesday! 
  • Drink 5 (40oz) glasses of water each day (working up to 8)
  • Only ONE soda a day
  • Lose 2.5 5 pounds 
What are your goals for the week?


Tuesday AM....weighed this morning and I'm UP to 198 because of all the crap I ate last week.  So glad my official weigh in isn't until Saturday.  Need to drink more water to flush all this crap out.  Also...slept until 7am and didn't get my walk in.  I guess I need to set my alarm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh PMS...I hate you

I was all ready to go for my walk this morning.  I stepped out of my nice warm bed and stepped on something warm and squishy!

My daughter.

She was laying on the floor with her pillow and blanket and now I've woken her up.  She had a bad dream and I was sleep so well that I couldn't hear her when she came in.

Poor baby.

TOM was also around and he debilitates me.  I hate this.  I wish I knew a way to make his visits less uncomfortable and devastating to my diet and the number on the scale.  I suppose I should be careful what I wish for because I fear MENopause is right around the corner here.

How do you handle PMS and all the crap that comes with it?  Is there a magic pill I can take?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Puddles, Runners and Rats...Oh MY!

I walked in the rain this morning.  I got up, put on my shoes and didn't realize it was raining.  Luckily...I wear a hoodie when I walk so I could cover my head and stash my phone in my pocket.

I was all alone except for this runner guy who was milling about over by Starbucks where the dirt part of the path begins....I walked a short way dodging puddles when he came running past me like a Cullen chasing Victoria and scared the sh*t out of me.  Now I understand why Bella always has that look on her face...it's because the Cullen's scare the poo out of her and she's standing there with dodee pants.

Anyway...I decided that I could not walk in the mud so I turned around and went pack to the paved part of the path and right in front of Starbucks....

A giant black RAT ran across the path!  It scared the crap out of me and I was frozen....and being gawked at by folks in the Starbucks drive thru...so this is when I decided to RUN!!!

I just looked up what it means when a RAT crosses your path and this is what it says.

A rat running in front of you means treacherous servants and losses through enemies.
Thank goodness I just moved into a 990 sq ft apartment and cut all my servants and enemies loose! What the heck does that mean anyway?

So...I ended up walking 1.85 miles and looking a little bit like a drowned rat...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad Habits

I didn't go for my walk today...because I hardly sleep last night.  The night time temp barely got down to 70 degrees and my little air conditioner in my room just didn't make any difference.

Tomorrow the temps start to get even cooler...fall is coming!

I have great news to report!  I lost 2 pounds this week and I'm back out of the Obese category on the BMI chart!

Now...I just need to keep the TOM weight away.  I've done it before (no carbs) and I'm prepared with lots of grilled chicken and salad.

I know I said I wasn't going to weigh my self every day but I think it helps keep me on track.  How often do you weigh yourself?

My in laws and one of my brother in laws are out of town on a cruise to Alaska.  Can you imagine how much they are eating?  It makes me sick just thinking about it.

We went over to their house yesterday to grill a bunch of chicken and to have brats with my brother in law.  I bought one package of brats (6) for the 3 of us.  I thought it would be plenty!  My husband told me that was NOT enough and asked my BIL to bring more brats and some hot dogs.  I was irritated because I didn't want my husband pigging out.

We cooked 12 brats and 6 hot dogs.  For 3 adults and 2 children!


I don't even know how many my husband and his brother ate.  I didn't want to watch.

I told my husband that we're going to have to stop eating at their house because he overeats when he's there...almost out of habit!  We also drink too much when we're there...it's so bizarre.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Live Well...Colorado!

This commercial came on during the Bronco Game last night! I laughed my *ss off! The commercial is for LiveWell Colorado...a non-profit organization that is committed to reducing obesity in Colorado and promoting healthy eating and active living.

I love it!

This summer they hosted School Lunch Boot Camps in communities across the state so that they could learn to prepare fresh healthy food for students!  Gosh I love Colorado!

Challenge someone to live well

We’re all in this together. When we inspire and challenge each other, we build healthier families, workplaces, schools and communities. Race someone to the classroom, to the boardroom or around the park. Dare another shopper to have a healthier shopping cart.

Take the challenge today and find new fun, rewarding and contagious ways for healthy eating and active living to lead to a fuller life.

Challenge your family to live well

Make healthy eating and active living integral to your family’s culture. Challenge your kids to jump rope instead of playing video games, encourage a colorful plate full of fruits and veggies at dinner, and bring the standards of wellness up a notch under your own roof.

The benefits will be noticeable: engaged families raising a healthier generation.

Challenge our community to live well

Citizens are ultimately the reason that communities work. We can all help to remove barriers to healthy living by collectively taking a stand.

Urge elected officials to vote for bills that support healthy eating and active living initiatives, indulge in fresh foods from local providers, demand healthy food and opportunities for physical activity in our schools, encourage worksites to create healthy environments, clean up neighborhoods and organize group walks.

Challenge your community to be the healthiest in the state – the competition will benefit every single Coloradoan.

Learn more about LiveWell Colorado’s challenge to live well

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Excuses Today!

The other day when I went for my walk....I slept horribly the night before and I think it's because I was anxious about going for the walk. I have a little bit of agoraphobia and the thought of leaving my house frightens me. Especially if I'm in a new place.

But I did it!

Last night I told myself that if I woke up around 6am...I would go. I woke up at 6:20. Perfect.

I even ran a little bit but any time I made up doing that, I lost stopping to take pictures. LOL!

See....there really is a Starbucks on my trail.

I'm thinking by next week...I'll be ready to go around the lake twice and then I can stop in for a cup of joe on my way home.  The smell was...heavenly!

Also...I decided to weight myself this morning because TOM is coming.  I lost a pound!
I am now switching my weigh in days to SATURDAY.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Excuse #415

It rained last night...a lot.  And the trail is dirt/mud.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Did It!

I Did It!

I got up and walked the trail by my apartment. I knew there was a lake there...but I didn't know it was this beautiful! I think I want to walk here every day!  I almost forgot to mention...there's a STARBUCKS on the trail.  I'm a lucky girl....

Sunrise in Lakewood August 18

If you look over on the right...you'll see that I went 1.62 miles, in 25 minutes and according to Lose It, I burned 157 calories.  Not too bad.

The great news is that I feel amazing!  I like this feeling....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Gonna Do It. For Real.

Okay. I'm really, really, really going to do it. Tomorrow.

I'm going to WEIGH myself...that will be my starting weight.

I'm going to WALK...on the trail right outside my door.

And I'm going to eat better, drink more water and lose this weight!

I'm in a really bad habit of weighing myself every day....because of my time as an hCG dieter...and I think it messes me up. So...looks like my weigh in day will be WEDNESDAY.

I've re-set my Lose It App, my iMap My Run App and my profile on Daily Mile.

Starting Over...again

Hey there!

So I'm sure you are dying to hear about my dinner at the in-laws house on Sunday.  My husband smoked a prime rib and it was amazing!  I love everything he's made on the smoker and he also made a sauce to go over it with mushrooms and lump crab meat in it.

I went to see Eat, Pray, Love with my friend while hubby was cooking at my in laws house.  There were two reasons for this.  I can't spend that much time with them without a.) pulling my hair out and b.) getting drunk.

I bought fresh colorado sweet corn...and bags of salad, organic grape tomatoes and english cucumbers as side dishes. I used my mother in law's crystal bowl to make a beautiful salad.

iKeith and I were the only one's who ate the salad.  I knew this was going to happen and told hubby I should just bring the corn but he insisted.  We'll now be eating salad every night this week.

My Brother in Law who I've nicknamed *Groceries* brought a giant bag of peanut M&M's for dessert and they devoured the bag within about 5 minutes.  I passed on them (even though I love them) because I wasn't sure if everyone had washed their hands and...ummm....yeah.  Gross!

I've decided that I can't eat more than one meal a week with these people.  I gained another pound over the weekend!  I can't keep going on this way.

I need to get back on track.  I know I'm eating and drinking more and I know it's because I'm bored and still unsettled in our new apartment.

The good news is that I'm unpacking the last box today and I pretty much have the living/office/dining room the way I want it.  I feel good about that room now and don't mind spending time there.

Now...I just need to venture out beyond my comfort zone (apartment) and take the kids to the park.  I bet you didn't know I have a phobia about leaving my house did you?

Here is what I'm committing to doing:

  • Drink 3 glasses of water a day
  • Stop drinking soda (again)
  • Only drink alcohol on Wednesday and Saturday night.
  • Walk 3 mornings a week 
  • Use Lost It App to track my calories 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eating with In Laws

I took the kids to Nana's Thursday because our AC hadn't been fixed yet and they were losing their minds from the heat. It also gave me an opportunity to get more boxes unpacked.

I fed them lunch before I dropped them off and let Nana know. And then she fed them the entire afternoon. Pizza, bologna sandwiches, chips, cookies and jello.

As you can imagine...they didn't want to eat the healthy dinner that I prepared.

While the kids were gone I finally found my scale and was able to start weighing myself again. It's not good.

197.8...I gained 4.8 pounds during the move. DANG IT!

I weighed the kids yesterday and they each gained a couple pounds too.

Did I tell you that my in laws invited us over for dinner last night? I was trying to steer them towards healthy grilled chicken. And salad or corn. They grilled the chicken...but dumped dones of sweet BBQ sauce on it. And they served grilled veggies but mixed them in a ton of oil (which I spilled on my shirt) and twice baked potatoes from the deli. My plate arrived with two rolls...but I only ate one. Who needs two rolls? I actually only ate half of everything on my plate...I was also the only one to do this.

See that beautiful piece of cake?  I only ate a third of it...and shared it with my daughter.  It was wonderful...but too sweet.  iKeith had TWO whole pieces.  I gave him the evil eye.....

And now...we're scheduled to go back on Sunday so my husband can smoke a Prime Rib...I've offered to bring the side dishes.  What should I make?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Weakness

Last night my brother in law came over for Martini's and Mad Men.  I purposely only made enough olives (filled with blue cheese) so that we'd each only have ONE martini. 

We had eaten dinner late, a lovely chicken stir-fry...around 7pm and he arrived at 8pm and hadn't eaten dinner.  I should have just made him a sandwich but before I knew it he was headed out the door to pick something up.

He returned with Taco Bell...oh Hell! 

Even though I was NOT hungry...I ate a soft taco and a piece of Mexican Pizza.  It didn't even taste that good. 

What really made me sick...was watching my brother in law eat a large quantity of high fat and calorie food.  He ate 3/4 of a Mexican Pizza, a large Nacho and a Gordita.

I really need to be careful now that we're back to living near family.  They are all over weight and do not share the same eating habits that we do.  If we're not careful...we'll get sucked back into the bad habits.

We've been invited to dinner tomorrow night and I'm trying to steer them toward healthy choices, even offering to bring a side dish. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Food Police

So...I guess I haven't discussed Women, Food and God with my husband yet.  I read the book and I've blogged about it and discussed it with my sister but HE doesn't know.

He doesn't know that I've decided to eat only when I'm hungry, in moderation and not deny myself what I really want to eat.

Last night...I wanted Ice Cream.

Here's the deal.  In our new very small apartment...the air conditioning is NOT working.  I spent the whole day in the apartment with the kids and we were all hot and sweaty and I thought that a *little* ice cream would just be heaven.

We were all at the store together picking up a few things (plus...I just HAD to get out of the apartment for a little bit) and I asked him to take the kids to the frozen food section and pick out a half gallon of ice cream.

He said NO....we don't NEED iced cream.

I'm well aware that I don't NEED it but dammit!  I wanted it and I really wanted to throat punch him in the middle of King Soopers and it really ruined my night.

There is nothing I hate more than for him to be the food police.  I hate it so much that it makes me mad at him when he does it.  And it makes me want to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's when he's not looking.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Piece of Cake

Whew...last week was crazy!

We're moved.  And trying to unpack and settle in.  I'm feeling really icky because of all of the fast food we ate in the last few days.  I finally made it to the grocery store and bought some real food yesterday.  Can't wait to return to our normal eating patterns.

My sister's birthday was Friday...she's such a sweetheart, helping me move to Denver on her birthday!  My in laws got a cake and I'm proud to say that I only ate half of my piece.  It was wonderful and I loved it...but I'm not used to that much sweetness anymore and I realized that I didn't want anymore after a couple bites!  So proud of myself!

If my husband leaves his laptop home today (my computer is still packed) then I'm hoping to visit some blogs today after my sister flies back home to Utah.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cutting Back

Once I get moved...we move on Friday.  I have to stop drinking alcohol and soda due to budget reasons.

I was going to start this week but realized that it's a bad idea.  Too much stress and worry.  Until then...I have cut back.  It's a start.

Know what else I've discovered?  Drinking water when you're hot HELPS?