Goals for 2013:

Lose 25 pounds and not find them again.
Run the 5K at school. DONE
Exercise 5 days a week.
Take a real yoga class.
Get a Physical. (it's been 4 years) DONE January 2013
Get a Mammogram.

January 2013 

Lose 6 pounds  Lost 2.6 pounds
No Candy/Cookies/Soda in the house  Bought Thin Mints
Begin exercise program (videos)  Meh.
Healthier meals YES!
Research replacing the kids granola bars  Made Protein Balls
Start food journal  YES!

February 2013

Lose 4 pounds
Research fitness ideas for my family Looked at Bikes, bought son a scooter
Make Bread Made over Mom's Banana Bread recipe
Make a date with my husband. Set for March 2!
Start C25K and train for a 5K race

March 2013

Make Pasta

May 2013

Make a family fitness plan
Start walking while the kids are in school

In July 2013, my world was torn apart when my brother in law died from heart failure. It's taken my whole family several months to get back on track and even then, it's still a struggle. 

Walk while kids are in school
Reduce carbs, sugar and alcohol

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