Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting Stats

I am keeping track of my measurements on a spreadsheet because I love spreadsheets and I am organized! According to my calculations....I have lost 3.4 pounds and 2 inches. YAY ME!

This should be incentive to exercise but I have been struggling to get up in the morning and do what I need to do. The trick is going to be getting to bed by 10 PM. I need to get 7.5 hours of sleep. I want to get up at 5:45am. This gives me 30-60 minutes to work out and then shower before I get my day started.

I can do this! Starting tomorrow!

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Do You Want?

Oprah asked me what I wanted. Talk about an AH HA moment.

I'm a Mom and a Wife so it rarely occurs to me to think about what I want. So I came up with a list that I will be adding to during this journey.

What I Want....

  1. To not be fat....Weight 165 pounds.
  2. To learn to ski....and someday ski with my kids.
  3. To sleep 7-8 hours a night I am currently doing this!
  4. To Travel (New York, Chicago, Beach, Las Vegas) Went to Vegas in February!
  5. To Be Closer To Hubby (more sex & alone time)
  6. To wear black knee high boots
  7. To own designer jeans
  8. To get regular massages
  9. To get regular pedicures
  10. To wear cute clothes
  11. To run.....
Now I realize that not all of these things are WEIGHT LOSS related things. But many of these will be possible if I weight less.

The Beginning....

I decided that I needed a place to document my journey. Because that is what this is going to journey to being a better, healthier person. I may not share this blog with anyone. I set it to private so that it could be my special place to record my thoughts and feelings.

I am about to complete my third week of my new lifestyle. It hasn't been easy. I'm trying to break old habits like eating when I'm not hungry and snacking on things that aren't good for me. I have a huge sweettooth and it is a tough thing to overcome.

I did quit drinking soda. Again. I've done this a million times. It is the thing I miss the most. I loved having a soda in the middle of the day. Sugar and Caffeine were my friends.

Now the only friend I have is wine and I'm not sure that is a friend I should have. In fact, I think if I am going to pick a vice...It should probably be the soda and not the wine.

Anyway, things to ponder.