Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gluten Free Bread

I've been missing sandwiches.

Now, that's not completely true....I've been eating sandwiches. Naughty gluten filled sandwiches and because of this, I've NOT been losing any weight and my lip has been swollen.

I decided that I'd try the gluten free bread from Udi's. I even sucked it up and paid $5.99 for it at Whole Foods.

I brought my bread home and saw that it is supposed to remain frozen.  Weird.  That's going to make a REALLY crunchy sandwich.  Jolene told me to toast the bread.  Oh good idea.

I made sandwiches for me and my children and I was shocked by the size of my bread.

Mine is the little guy

I slapped some turkey lunch meat, swiss cheese and avocado on that little guy and went to town.  It tastes okay....a little different than what I'm used to, but my freakish big hands caused the bread to fall apart.   I had to get the Dyson out when I was done eating.

Not bad.....for gluten free.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Reason Number 28

that GLUTEN is evil.

I've gone 2 months....mostly gluten free.

This last week....has been a gluten nightmare.  I've eaten more of that crap then I care to admit with the last free for all being a never ending pasta bowl because someone sent my husband a gift card to Olive Garden for his birthday.

It was really good and I enjoyed it very much.

But today....two days later.  I'm having the worst migraine.  The kind that requires laying down in a dark, quiet room....except that I have two kids and there is nothing dark or quiet about my apartment right now.

This could be my ultimate reason for really quitting gluten forever.

Without gluten in my life....I went TWO MONTHS without a migraine.  That hasn't happened in 15 years.

Goodbye gluten....FOREVER!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gluten Binge

My birthday was yesterday.

On Saturday, my husband took me out for any meal I wanted.

I wanted Mexican.  A burrito....with beans, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. 

I also wanted a Margarita.

Then we went to an Italian Festival and I had Sangria and Chianti and a Chocolate Cream filled Cannoli.

There is probably a rule that you shouldn't drink so many beverages that end in a vowel.

Yesterday....I ate the rest of my Mexican meal and then instead of cake, because I don't like cake.  I had a Java Chiller from Sonic.

I have never felt so sick in my whole life.   I was in a gluten coma!

And then I went to a coffee shop this morning and ate a bagel sandwich.  Because I figured if I was already in bad wouldn't hurt.

That breakfast sandwich was worth it all.  I should have just had the sandwich and skipped all of the other crap.

I'm back on my Paleo/Gluten Free (but with Dairy) plan as of 10am this morning.

This proves without a doubt that Paleo/Gluten Free is the life for me!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm A Cheater

Starting Weight: 208
September 1st:   207.4
September 8th:   207
LOSS:                    .4
Total Paleo Loss:  6.5 pounds

I'm pretty happy with this week's results....considering that I celebrated my birthday last weekend with some gluten.

There will be celebrating again this week with Mexican Food and I intend to eat a flour tortilla as big as my head filled with meat and cheese and sour cream!

I will not be having cake. I don't really like cake so I don't see the point of eating it on my special day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take That TOM!

Starting Weight: 208
September 1st:   207.4
LOSS:                    .6
Total Paleo Loss:  6.1 pounds

My scale broke the day after my last weigh in....on August 18th.   And then a week later....TOM snuck up on me.  It is so crazy to me since starting the Paleo plan that my PMS and hormonal migraines have completely disappeared.

I was without a scale that whole week and kept eating my yummy Paleo food.  I had no idea if I'd gained any weight...but a few days after TOM clothes felt looser!  I couldn't believe it!

I was really fine with not having a scale.  But my husband was going crazy not being able to weigh himself. Looks like he's a bigger slave to that thing than I am!

He bought a new battery for our scale and I was thrilled to see that I had not gained a single pound!  Then this week...I lost .6 pounds.

I even cheated and ate TACO's this week!

I'll be weighing in on Thursday's from now on.