Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Ready!

I'm ready to begin a wheat detox tomorrow.  I'm anxious to see if it alleviates some or all of my problems.  I'm going to really miss bread if this is the issue.  And pizza.  Crap!!!

I think I've discovered one of the main reason that I can't seem to lose weight.  Unfortunately....I can't detox from my husband.

We ate out THREE times this weekend.  Friday we met him for lunch at my favorite restaurant and I had a cream cheese and jalapeno stuffed burger.  Saturday we went out again and today we went to lunch at Popeyes.  I should just tell him no....but I like to eat.

I'm going to be partially forcing my detox diet on him this week....maybe he'll see some improvement too!

Thanks to everyone who gave me links to articles!  Great info!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting Old(er)

I'm not feeling well...and I'm up 2.5 pounds again.

I blame Obama. 

Tuesday night, I ordered pizza and drank two Lemon Drop Martini's during the State of the Union speech.

There seems to be more than just pizza going on here.  I'm still not feeling....well.

I'm exhausted.  I'm sweating in bed at night (night sweats?). I'm bloated and I'm experiencing headaches.

I wake up tired. 

I wake up foggy.

I'm craving chocolate and soda.

I need help!

I watched Rachael Ray this week because Susanne Summers was on and she was talking about getting older and being sexy and she looks amazing for 64 years old and I want some of that.

I watched it and it was like she was sitting here in my living room talking to me!

I signed up for a 7 day free trial on her website. I'm not going to link to it because I agreed to some crazy terms that confused me about linking and wording and I don't want some lawyers calling me.

If you are curious.  Google Sexy and Forever. 

Anyway, based on two days of reading on that website...I believe I'm experiencing a hormone imbalance and a food intolerance.  

I'm going to do her detox (it's supposed to last 30 days) this week and see how I feel next Saturday.  If everything seems like it's working out...I'll keep going.

The main part of this detox is that you don't eat *carbs*. What I consider a carb to be bread, pasta, rice.  The carbs that I will be having are fruit.

And she says you can't eat carbs with protein/fat. Interesting.  Also...fruit on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal.  AKA a snack.

I'm also going to track down some supplements.  DHEA and Wild Yam.  

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I weighed in Friday and weighed 205 again.  This was down from 207! 

TOM brought a pound and a half and then I made treats for the Golden Globes and all of that sodium killed me.  2 pounds that it took all week to get rid of.

I'm also been doing a little stress eating but it hasn't been all bad things.  I'm using the LOSEIT app and my calories are where they should be.

I registered my son for Kindergarten AND found out he needed glasses.  All in one week.

I don't know if it's the stress or I've caught some kind of bug...but I've been exhausted all weekend.  I didn't set my alarm and just decided to let my body decide how much sleep it needed.

I slept an extra two hours every day!

I'm going to take the kids to the gym daycare today and see if we can pick up some new illnesses.....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class of 1981

This little postcard in my mailbox this week stuck panic in my heart. I looked at the date and realized I had approximately 6 months to transform into a REAL trophy wife for my husband to take to his 30 year high school reunion.

You know what this means right? It means I finally have to ditch all of my excuses and the sugar and get my ass in gear. I want to look good for this event. I will never go to my own high school reunion so this is my chance to really do this right.

Starting today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weight Loss App #FAIL

Saturday I started back up at the gym again.

My husband got a 6 month gift membership when I joined in November but he couldn't cash it in until last week.  We went together and took the kids to the gym daycare.  I haven't been utilizing this daycare situation because my membership only allows one kid.  The other one costs me $3.

I was freaking out about leaving them....because I've never left them with Non-family or non-friends before.  My freaking out was for naught (even though the daycare lady spoke limited english)....they loved it, didn't want to leave and can't wait to go back.

I need to find $40 in my budget for monthly gym daycare.

Hubby and I didn't work out together.  But it was comforting having someone in the gym that I knew.  And it's really entertaining to watch your husband look for you in a crowded gym.

I don't know if I can stand this man getting any sexier....


Before we left the gym I asked one of the trainers about getting my body fat measured.  She ushered me into a little room after weighing me and punched my info into a video game controller with metal handles that she then had me hold for 10 seconds. One nice thing...she looked visibly surprised when I told her I was 40.  The bad news....I have 40.3 percent body fat.

I really, really need to find money in my budget for daycare....

After our workout we went to The Village Inn across the street.  It was probably a bad idea because my LOSEIT app didn't have a listing for any of their food and I checked online after we ordered and had trouble finding any nutritional info.

We went with the Healthy Start Crepes...they are new to the menu as of last Monday and they contain egg whites, turkey sausage, artichoke hearts, spinach, tomatoes and covered in a lemony hollandaise sauce.  It came with fruit too.  Out of season cantaloupe, grapes and pineapple.



I ate the fruit, some of the crepe and hollandise and then just the inside of one of the crepes.  I got full fast and left a lot! 

I've emailed The Village Inn to ask for nutritional far I haven't heard from them.  In the meantime, I don't think I'll be eating there again. 

It's hard to know if a meal is really healthy without the numbers.  You know what I mean?

I'm addicted to apps and enter my food and exercise into several of them everyday.  There is also one that i just track my weight with a date goal.  It does some analyzing.  I'm all about analyzing...I'm a Virgo after all.  Here is what this app told me this weekend.

At this rate, I can reach my Target Weight of 190 pounds on 9/28/2015

Basically...I suck!

UPDATED:  Village Inn wrote me back and said they don't do nutritional data for their menu items....but thanks for inquiring.  I won't be dining at Village Inn until they get their act together.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh In #1

Happy Friday!

I haven't really started my resolutions yet....because I've been so sick.  I'm finally better and ready to jump in! AND my husband joined the gym and we're going to go together a couple times a week. YAY!

Last Week: 205
Today:        203.8
Loss:              1.2 pounds


It's not a lot but it's pretty good considering I didn't move my body very much.

I did manage to not eat fast food...I went to McDonalds but it was just for drinks.  Yesterday I just had to have a Iced Coffee.....

TOM is lurking around the corner and I'm planning to try something I've done before to get through it.  NO CARBS.  Just for the 3 days that he's really pestering me and then I'll return to normal.  I'll be eating eggs, and chicken...maybe a steak!

How did you do this week?