Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fashion Motivation: Halloween Edition

Lynn had the great idea to make this week about Halloween costumes so I thought long and hard about what costume I would like to wear if I had the body I want and I came up with this.

This costume comes in only three sizes...Extra Small, Small and Medium. So just to fit into the medium we are looking at a waist size of 27-30 inches and a bust size of 36-38 inches. This would definitely take some work for me to get into.

What is your fantasy costume?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Say the Pop Tarts

It's Wednesday...that means it's time for me to weigh in!

Last week: 205 pounds
This week: 206 pounds
GAIN: 1 pound

And this is the part where I tell you my excuses. I had my skin cancer surgery last week and it went well. My face still kind of hurts...not sure if that's normal....I go in this morning to have the stitches removed so I'll ask. The first day...I had a hard time eating. And then I wanted to eat everything. TOM showed up a week early and my daughter had a fever all weekend. I did a lot of stress eating.

And I bought a box of Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts. Have you had these? I grew up eating them and they are like CRACK to me. I pass them in the store all the time, telling myself that I can't have them. If I buy a box...I somehow find myself eating them all in a matter of hours days.  Of course, I was hiding them from my family...behind the Vodka.  But yesterday I broke down after my kids refused to eat breakfast and I gave them each one.

You should have seen it.  My smart and inquisitive, asked me what this delicious pasty was called and wanted to know what the white stuff was.  I told her all about the sugary goodness and she said 'mmmmm....I really like this'.  Well, of course you's baby crack!  I fed my babies CRACK!

This week, I got an email from the gal I took the ZUMBA class from.  She is closing up shop. I told Big Pappa about it over dinner and he reminded me that he didn't think I could do it.  I corrected him and informed him that the only reason I didn't go again was because of the cost.  It was $8 per class and if I went once a week, that was almost $40 a month.  I told him I'd rather join a gym for that kind of money. He tried to tell me that gym memberships are much more than that and I disagreed. SHOCKING!   I told him it couldn't be more than $40 because I used to belong to a gym and I'm sure I paid around $30 a month.  To prove him wrong...I called Golds Gym and inquired about a membership.

That is when I found out they are having a heck of a sale right now and I could join for just $35 a month.  This place has a pool, an indoor track, daycare and classes.  I got a little bit excited thinking maybe I could join.  And then...Big Pappa said no.

He has good reasons.  When would I go? Daycare is only free for family memberships ($65) so I would have to go in the evening.  It's 7pm by the time everyone arrives home, eats and I clean up the kitchen.  7pm is when I generally crash into a heap on the couch with a glass of wine or a Skinny Cow.  And I already have a home my basement.  I have an elliptical machine and a weight machine.  So maybe he's right..

I guess it was pretty telling when the membership guy I talked to asked if I wanted to come down right then and there (7:30pm) to check it out and have a free workout and I told him I couldn't because I was watching The Biggest Loser.  But do you know what happens when someone tells me that I can't do something?  It makes me what it more and it makes me what to eat ice cream.....

So last week ended up being a lazy week.  I didn't even think about exercising.  The chances of me going for runs in the cold, dark air...have blown away like the leaves on the trees.  Plus, my little community has turned into a hot bed of crime.  Our local PD is on twitter and they report all of the's made me feel a little unsafe since many of these robberies are happening between 5-7am.  SCARY!

This goal is to GET UP and use my elliptical machine 3 times. (Thursday, Monday, Wednesday) And to NOT buy anymore Pop Tarts.

Please join me for Friday Fashion Motivation! The theme is Halloween costume!  WOOT!

EDITED: I just returned from the Dr. and I can't believe this...but they didn't get it all and she had to recut my incision, remove MORE tissue and re-stitch it.  I have 5 more stitches now.  I'm so irritated because I have to go back in a week and my husband is out of town next week.   I really wanted to put this all behind me....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Fashion Motivation

I love fashion!  I had the best (and most frustrating) time putting together outfits for the SITScation blogging conference last week.  I didn't have any money in my budget for new clothes so I shopped my closet and I did really well.  But I'm looking forward to the day that I have to buy ALL NEW CLOTHES!  The Gym Bag Dropout gave me a great idea!  Every week she is going to post a picture, story or cartoon meant to keep her motivated.  This week she posted two cute outfits that she would like to fit into.

Looking at  Always motivates me.  So I thought it would be a great idea to do a fashion post every keep me motivated through the weekend.  And i want you to join me.  I'll put up a MR. LINKY every Friday for your post.

My motivation this week is a Leopard Print Knit Dress from New York & Company.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starting Over

I see that it's been a few weeks since my last confession.  The last time I life was stressed out and we didn't know what was going to happen to my husband's job.  I have good news!  He survived the layoff (this time) and we are feeling much more relaxed now.

Just after that was our trip to Denver, then last weekend I went to VEGAS for the SITScation Blogging Conference and today I will have my skin cancer surgery to removed the basel cell carcinoma.

Somewhere in all of that...I lost THREE POUNDS!  I think I have a secret...are you ready for this?  Cheerios.  In an effort to reduce my kids sugar intake, I bought them Cheerios and I started eating them myself.  Okay...I have another secret.  Crackerfuls.  They are a new snack cracker that I love and I've been eating them for lunch.

I have not been exercising.  Once the cold weather hit...I couldn't bring myself to run outside.  I'm a wuss. Plus, my kid is having sleep issues again.  I'm hoping to find time to use my home gym.

So I sit here at 9 pounds lost.  I really want to hit that 10 pound mark so maybe...I will try to exercise this week!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 28...15 Days

This blog post contains spoilers to The Biggest Loser Season 8.

Welcome to the 28 th (completed) week of Extreme Makeover: ME Edition hosted by the incredible Amber Filkins!

Let's weigh-in...

Last Week: 208 pounds
This week: Weigh In Cancelled!

This Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:30am with a killer migraine. It was so bad that I couldn't even drag myself down the stairs to the kitchen to get some pain reliever so I scavenged through my bathroom cabinets and came up with a lone ALEVE. I put myself back to bed hoping for 45 minutes of sleep and expecting to feel much better when the pain meds kicked in.

I woke up...feeling a little better only to discover that my husband's alarm had NOT gone off and it was now 7:15am and Hubby had an 8 o'clock meeting. There was a mad scramble to get him out the door and make myself some coffee.

And I forgot to hit the scale.

It's probably for the best because I've been under a lot of stress and my weight goes up no matter what I do.  On Monday...I will know if my hubby still has a job and then I can either relax...or deal with a whole lot more stress.  I'll let you know what happens.

No matter what happens...I'm going to Vegas in 15 days.  I'm attending the SITScation Blogging Conference and I'm super excited and nervous!  I'll be meeting 80 (I'm guessing) other bloggers and honing my blogging craft.  I really do love to blog and meet new people so this is perfect for me.

The dealio is...there is a shirt that has been hanging in my closet for 5 months that I really want to wear.  It's a lovely lavender color with poofy cap sleeves and I love it.  But it doesn't quite fit.  Do you think I can fit into it in 15 days?  We shall see!

My works outs haven't been happening.  I went for my run on Sunday morning and it felt great!  And then the weather changed and I haven't been out since.  I'm going to try to go tonight after hubby gets home.  I have GOT TO keep up with my exercise.  No Excuses.

Did you watch the Biggest Loser last Tuesday night?  I loved the's all about your choices!  And I'm going to try to use the would you rather phrase in my own life....I just need to remember to do it.  Liz made me laugh when she said...she didn't get fat by pushing herself and she was awesome in that challenge of carrying those 25 pound buckets!

Tracey....oh Tracey.  It appears she is the bat shit crazy one in the group this time.  Are they casting this part now for the show?  I couldn't believe that after she forfeited her trainers for the week that she would take the other challenge too and then manage to piss off almost every single person on the ranch.  She is tooo much! I still don't understand how that gal lost 11 pounds! BANANAS!

I want to talk about the yogurt that Bob gave Abby to snack on.  The 100 calorie, 5 g protein, has extra calcium and vitamin D.  It sounds WONDERFUL...but I wanted to know how many sugar grams it had.  I've been tracking mine pretty closely and I'm shocked at how much some food has in it.  I looked it up during the show and it has 11 g of sugar.  That seems like a lot to me since you really should only have 40g in a day.  I know it's an easy snack but WOW..that's almost 4 teaspoons of sugar.  What do you think?

My final thoughts on the show.  I love that Amanda wears FULL make-up and diamond earrings to the last chance workout!  Love her!  And I was very sad to see Sean and Antoine leave...but they are doing GREAT at home.

Have a great week!