Friday, June 15, 2012

Green Coffee Bean Extract...FAIL

I started taking this a week ago.

 I'd seen it on Dr Oz and a friend (who shall remain nameless) blogged about her muffin top disappearing after only 9 days.

It is NOT working for me.

 In fact....I've gained a pound and a half. AND I've been eating (and drinking) less. I'm really starting to worry about my metabolism. I'll give it another week but I don't think I'll be ordering anymore.

Have you ever tried the Green Coffee Bean Extract?  Did it work for you?

Monday, June 4, 2012


It's been four weeks....and now my knee is feeling so much better!  I think I found the cause of my knee trying to pop out and find greener pastures.

My shoes.

My adorable little black 2.5 inch wedges from Target.   I love them because they go with everything, they are easy to slip on and they are cute as a button.

But....they provide NO support and they are slightly loose so I'm always fighting to keep them on my feet as I'm walking.

I'm cray cray for shoes.

I've been wearing my running shoes as often as fashion will allow and my knee healed up quickly.  Except for yesterday when I walked all over town in my cute little black shoes.

Anyway,  I've been working hard on my diet and managed to not gain weight during TOM but now I can't get below 213.2.

I'm stuck!

I guess it's time to start walking again.