About Me

I have been over weight my entire life since I was 17 years old.  I'm also very dramatic.

I started my journey of emotional eating when I was 17 years old and had an emotionally and verbally abusive boyfriend.  I hid butter cookies in my room to deal with the hurt and pain of my first love.

If I'd know then what I know now....I would have become a lesbian.

Fast forward 20 odd years later and I'm still eating my feelings.  I'm a sugar addict.

I have tried most every diet plan out there (except for the one's that you have to purchase food...that doesn't work for me, I have a family to cook for).

I did find great success with the hCG diet and lost 30 pounds.  But through the stress of moving and my husband finding a new job....I gained it all back.  I'd do it all again but it was really hard!  EDITED: Oops....I did hCG again.  Lost 13 pounds and have now gained a little bit back.  These fad diets are not for me....I need REAL CHANGE.

January 2013, I've hired Leslie Gail....Health and Life Coach to the stars to help my family make a dramatic transformation.  It's now or never!

January 2013
May 2013...Life is awesome and stressful!  I just became PTA co-president with my best friend and I'm ready to focus on fixing my hormones! Getting older is hard but I know I can make my golden years the best of my life.  Yes, I'm 42 going on 62....that's what I get for having an old(er) husband.  Join my support group today!

May 2013

2001 Weight Watchers lost zero pounds
2002 Joined a gym.  lost 30 pounds
2004 Got married
2005 bought gym equipment gained 10 pounds
2006 had a baby
2007 had another baby
2008 tried running lost and gained the same 10 pounds
2009 hCG diet lost 30 pounds
2010 moved to Colorado gained 30 pounds
2011 went Paleo/Low Carb/Gluten Free lost and gained the same 10 pounds
2012 Dukan lost and gained the same 7 pounds
2012 hCG AGAIN!
2013 hired a health coach!
2014 trying The Colorado Diet