Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week One...Baby Steps

First things first....the Weigh-In.

Starting: 214 pounds
This Week:
213 pounds


The Plan from last week:

I didn't follow my plan like I had hoped. I exercised three times in the last eight days. I wish that I had done better but I didn't. I find it really difficult to get up early on the weekends and I really need to get to bed at a decent time so that I can get up. I didn't do my sit-ups and push-ups everyday either.

I did stay away from fast food....and didn't even have any over the weekend! We went out to lunch on Saturday and I stuffed myself but it was on good food, freshly prepared and I didn't eat all of my fries.

I drank more water but not as much as I had planned...still working on this one. I drank lemon water two days and I didn't notice any difference.

The Plan for this week:

  • Exercise 5 times (taking the weekend off)
  • Sit-ups and push-ups 5 times
  • Drink more water
  • Eat a Activia Yogurt everyday
  • Start taking Vitamin D everyday
  • Eat smaller portions
We have two trips coming up. In May we are taking a quick weekend trip to Denver to see David Copperfield. Then in July we are taking a family vacation with the entire Weiss Clan to Milwaukee Wisconsin for 9 days. Therefore...we have some goals.

5 Week Goal..........7.5 pounds (206.5)
16 week Goal.........24 pounds (190)

Question of the Week: What are some methods you use to stave off temptation and/or keep from overeating??

I really have to make an effort not to buy crap! There are certain things (pop tarts, bagelfuls, ice cream bars, m&ms) that if I buy them...I will devour them. If they aren't here I do really well.

As far as overeating...I rarely do that anymore (said by the gal that ate herself to sickness on Saturday). I have gotten really good about eating small portions and we generally use the smaller salad plates instead of the bigger dinner plates. This makes a big difference!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Plan ~ March 23-29

I have always found that if I don't have a plan to follow....then I don't follow through with things. So I have decided that each Monday I am going to make a plan for the week and do my best to stick to it. You dig?

  • Exercise everyday for 20 minutes on the Elliptical
  • 50 Sit ups and 25 push ups everyday
  • No fast food until Saturday...prepare dinner and lunch at home.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water
  • Drink a glass of hot lemon water every morning...to aid digestion
  • Find more fitness blogs to read and be inspired by

I am trying to start out slow with working out because I have trouble with my knees and I don't want to injure one of them and not be able to move. I'm also not going to do much with my diet yet besides not eat fast food during the week.

Baby steps.....

Do you twitter? I read this great post this morning on Workout Mommy about adding exercise into the day while you twitter.


I would like to share my favorite low cal snack! It is a Sugar Free Jello Cup with 2 tbsp of Cool Whip. I think it comes out to about 30 calories and satisfies my sweet tooth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chasing the Wagon

If I had a dollar for each time I have fallen off the wagon and then chased it, trying to get back on. I have succeeded a couple times. Most of these times where when I was completely single and had tons of time to work out and I ate small amounts of food because I didn't have to cook for anyone.

Of course, I now have a husband and TWO toddlers. AND I'm 38 years old. Losing weight is harder than ever and if I don't tackle it now....before I turn 40.....

My daughter's 2nd birthday was Monday and my husband was running the video camera. When I played it back....OMG! I just keep getting bigger! Watching The Biggest Loser is also a huge motivation for me and last nights episode showed them running a half marathon.

I want to run so badly! When I see people running....I want to do it too. How great must that feeling be. Have you seen the movie My Best Friend's Girl? Kate Hudson runs alot in that movie and I was so jealous of her.

So I got up early this morning and got on the Elliptical machine....trying to catch the wagon.

Then I read a post that was like an answer to my prayers. I found out that Amber is forming a support group and it is just what I need.

This time.....I will do this. I CAN do this.


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