Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Under Attack!

My Dukan Attack phase was short lived.

About two days in....TOM showed up 3 days early.  The more I work on my diet, the crazier my cycles become.  I want to blame menopause but people keep telling me that 41 is too young for that.

I lost half of a pound and then I stalled.  The combination of no coffee, wine, chocolate and TOM was too much for my family so my husband begged me to stop and have a drink.

I'm only kind of kidding.

I stopped the diet but kept up the higher protein because I actually liked how I was feeling on the diet.   I just added a few carbs and a glass of wine a night.

I'm happy to report that as of this morning, I'm down 2.8 pounds!  My pants are feeling looser and I have lots of energy.

So.....I'm going to keep on keeping on.  Mostly high protein with some carbs and wine here and there.

My husband is happy because he threatened not to take me on Vacation at the end of the month if I stayed on the diet.  He doesn't want to deal with my eating restrictions at Disney Land and while visiting his very overweight family.

I don't want to go without wine while visiting his very overweight family.

Have I told you that I'm addicted to the Dukan Pancakes?  OH MY GOSH!  I love them.

I'll post my version with a picture tomorrow.


  1. I don't think all those crazy diets work. I think you just have to keep trying different things until you find something that sticks.

    About the blog-I am probably going to delete all my old posts and start it fresh. I'm working on making a menu plan & probably going to start focusing on sharing that info.

  2. South Beach was always the only thing that every worked for me. Eating protein primarily and sparingly on the carbs.

    Glad you are seeing the scale move.

  3. Excited to see the pancake recipe!

  4. I am just starting to do the more protein-lower carb deal and see if that helps. Only thing is I so love my carbs!!

    Anyways, I am new to your blog and followed. I wanted to say "hi". I also blog about my weight loss journey.

  5. you sound very motivated...good for you! You stick with this and you'll be happy with the results!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    good luck!!


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