Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hide My Nuts

I love raw macadamia nuts.  They are ridiculously expensive and very high in fat and calories, but I love them so much I would probably give up chocolate for them!  The good news is that they are not all bad.  They are high in fiber, aid in digestion and can lower cholesterol.

The real problem with macadamia nuts is that I can't eat just a handful.  If I have a bag of them in my kitchen I keep going back for more.  I recently found a solution for my problem.

I separated my stash bag into servings (10 -12 is a serving) and put them in little snack sized baggies.  Then I asked my husband to hide them from me.  He is allowed to give me a bag every other day!

Now I can have my nuts and they last for a long time!

Do you have a food that you need to ration or have hidden from you?


  1. So, Keith is like your squirrel hiding nuts. Except maybe we should pick another animal since you are scared of squirrels. ;)

    I can't keep chocolate in the house. I will inhale it.

  2. Nice Idea :)


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