Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's get ready to Zumba?

I like to dance. When I was growing up, I spent hours and hours in my room dancing in front of my mirror. And back in the day when I was a single woman...I was an excellent line dancer. I loved everything about the Achy Breaky Heart! I heard about Zumba the other day and thought it sounded interesting.

Then there was a float in the North Ogden parade with some gals dancing with a sign about Zumba with Amanda! So...I emailed Amanda and I got some info on it and I'm really excited (and scared out of my mind) to try it! I've emailed all my local pals to see if I can get some moral support while I embarrass myself dance my fanny off and a couple of them have agreed to come with me. YAY!!

I'm determined to give this a try because my husband doesn't think I can do it. There is a reason why I've nicknamed him *the wet blanket*. Check out this story that The Today Show did about it.

My husband thinks something like this is more my speed.

I'll show him!!

By the way...RUBY is going to be on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. If you can't see it (it's on at 10am in some places) you can see the clip on their website.


  1. You're going to love it!! One thing I can say is that it is one class I come out of feeling on top of the world. I get a good laugh and mostly at myself and it's non stop smiles.

    Cannot wait to hear about it and what you think.

    South Africa

  2. Hey Michelle!

    I'm so excited to try it...I've even been researching special shoes and outfits if I decide I really like it and want to keep it up!

    and I'm totally excited that I have a fitness buddy in South Africa!

  3. I haven't tried Zumba yet, but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. After things get settled down in my life, I fully intend on trying a class out.

    Thanks again for all your support!

    PS... If anyone reading this would like to lend me some support as well, check out my profile, my weight loss blog is called Tricia's Takin It Off.

    Thanks so much!

  4. That looks like such a blast! Times like these are when I wish I didnt live in a small town with no gym! That class would be so much fun! Maybe I will have to look into a DVD of it or something! Prove that wet blanket wrong!

    Boom chicka Boom chicka, move that Boogie Body! LOL

  5. How freaking fun is that??!

    Our local Y has a sign out side about Zumba, but I thought it was a spinning class!!

    Wonder if I can take the class even though I'm not a member of the YMCA....

    I wish I lived in Ogden. Better yet, I wish you lived in St Louis! I would totally Zumba together.

    Then we could go out and sip on Suntini's (my new fav 'tini).

  6. My club offers Zumba! I've done it a few times. Ya know me, my philosophy with everything is just do something! Throw it at the wall and see what sticks... this is awesome though!

  7. Its funny: I'm going to try Zumba also in a few weeks at my gym. And I've been a line dancer too a few years ago.

    Have fun at your first Zumba class


  8. Man, does that look like fun!!!

    Who's gonna have the last laugh when "the wet blanket" wants you to show him your moves...hehe :)

    You go, Connie!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  9. That looks just like a Latin Aerobics class I took in college and absolutely loved! You will have so much fun, it won't even feel like a workout!

  10. I love love love love LOVE Zumba!! I'm only able to make the Saturday classes at my gym, and use the class as my "treat" for being good with my workouts all week!

  11. I've considered trying Zumba. I think it would be a lot of fun so I'll probably ask friends to do it with me when I'm done vacationing in late August. :)
    Until then, I'll ride my bike and go to the gym. I think I'll do Sweatin' To The Oldies when I visit Mom's house too. :)

  12. I have officially lost 60 lbs so far with ZUMBA!!!! = ) Love it!


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