Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 17...My Inspiration

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Welcome to the 16th (completed) week of Extreme Makeover: ME Edition hosted by the incredible Amber Filkins!

Let's weigh-in...

Last week: 207 pounds
This week: 207 pounds

LOST.....0 pound

The Plan from Week 16:

workouts completed:
Thursday~ .48 mi (headache)
Monday AM~2.06 mi
Mon PM~ 1 mi(walk with family)
Wednesday~1.24 (headache)

I didn't lose any weight this week. Something is going on with my body...I can't figure out what it is but I'm getting headaches again. Almost daily. I'm waking up with them and they are lasting most of the day. I have recently started taking a new herb...could be that maybe or hummus overdose. Also, THIS could be part of the (weight) problem. I only had half my meal and half my little treat and had the other halves later...but still.

I have been listening to the Momactive radio show ever Friday at Noon. Each week they have a guest and last week it was Sadie Nardini. She is a master Yogi in New York City! She has a channel on You Tube and has a few DVD's out. I WON the Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: Total Body Transformation and Weight Loss DVD! I can't wait to get started!

Tonight is the BIG NIGHT! I'm going to Zumba! My beautiful friend Sara is going with me. We can't wait to try it and I'm sure I'm going to love it. Check back tomorrow so I can tell you all about it.

We are leaving for Milwaukee Wisconsin on Friday. I have no idea if I'll have internet so that I can write a post but will post an update from my iPhone on Wednesday. I just won't be able to link up.

Question of the week: What's been inspiring you??

This is my daughter....we will call her Mallory. (her daddy is a stickler about me using her real name) She is almost 2.5 years old and she is a spitfire! All my life I dreamed about having a daughter but I never dreamed about how amazing life with a sweet girl would be.

This girl...runs everywhere. She has so much energy and loves to jump and dance. We went for a walk to release our butterflies into the wild on Monday and she grabbed my hand and said, 'Run Mommy Run!' Here we are running with our purses. She agreed to be my running buddy (opps...I'm not buddy...I'm Mally)!

One of my main motivations for doing this is to be able to be active with my kids. I don't want to be that Mom that can't run, play and bike. I can totally see me and Mally running a race together someday.....


It appears that I will be doing ALL the cooking on this vacation. I knew this was going to happen! *connie stomps her feet and pumps her fists in the air* My first thought was...I guess I will need to make my potato salad and watergate salad. But both of those items are not super healthy. My in laws eat A LOT! me figure out what I can make for side dishes with hamburgers and hot dogs. I want to eat healthy and force them too also.


  1. Cool - I want to be an active Mom, too!

    I will pray that you figure out what's causing your headaches - they slow me down, too. Keep at it - you're doing the right things and just because you've hit a small roadblock doesn't mean you won't keep moving forward.

    You're one of my best inspirations!

  2. So cool! Love this! I want to be that active, cool mom who runs races with her son too! I CAN'T WAIT!

  3. Wow! She is so cute! What better motivation could there possibly be? I love the picture of the two of you walking. It's priceless.

  4. An easy recipe for a side dish that is the perfect portion of protien and carbs...

    1 lb ground turkey
    1 can beans of your choice
    1 bottle of salsa
    1 cup of precooked brown rice

    cook the turkey until brown. Add the beans, salsa and precooked rice (I buy the microwavable bag of rice and use that!) Stir and heat... Vua La... yummy and filling AND healthy!!

  5. Sorry you got stuck with all of the cooking, but maybe that will be a good thing - you can make healthier alternatives.

    What a great inspiration! I love running the smaller kids races with the boys and can't wait till they are old enough to run a 5K!

  6. How cute is your running buddy? With purses, I love it! I feel ya on the headache issue. I've been having them constantly too, and they make life miserable. Have a great trip!

  7. I love the picture of running with the purses! She is precious.
    Have a wonderful trip and you have the advantage of cooking for yourself make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks.
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  8. I know it's hard to stay motivated, especially with physical issues getting in the way!! You can do it though....we all can!! I love the pic of you two running!! Healthy sides? I have fallen in love with cucumber salad!! YUMMY!

  9. I wan the same thing, to be the active do-anything type of mama!

  10. Very cute picture!! What could be a better motivator than our children!

    I posted a recipe for a side dish on my blog, if you like's yummy!

  11. Connie its a good week if no lbs were gained! That is a bummer about the headaches though, I hope they clear up soon. How cute is Mallory, seriously!

  12. I have been working the healthy side dishes recently too. Three bean or four bean salad is a staple. There is another one where you mix some mayo with vinegar and pour it over raw broccoli. Stick it in the fridge for at least 24 hours and the vinegar "cooks" the broccoli. Then add raisins for sweet and some nuts for crunch. Yum! Of course, a caprese salad. Veggies with hummus as a dip. Cucumber with a yogurt dill sauce. Grilled corn on the cob. Being responsible for all the meals guarantees that you have healthy options. And, if your in-laws do not like your healthy options, then they will never put you in charge of cooking again. It is a win-win!!! :)

  13. Thanks so much for all of the side dish suggestions! I feel much more prepared!

  14. I look forward to the day when I can outrun my babies again.

    Stay strong, and I hope the headaches quit!

  15. That pic of you looks good! Even from behind!! ;)

    Thats a thinner backside, isn't it??

    Have fun on vacation and stay disciplined! YOU CAN DO IT!

  16. How did I miss that you're in Milwaukee??? How cool is that??


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