Saturday, July 4, 2009

TV that doesn't make you FAT!

You may not know this...but I love watching TV. My hubby and I watch The Young and The Restless every night and are loyal watchers of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and LOST. But my secret indulgence...reality shows and The Food Network.

Do you know about Ruby? I saw her on Oprah a few months ago and wanted to watch her show but I don't get the Style channel. I just discovered her first season on Apple TV (you can also purchase them on iTunes and watch on your computer). In case you don't know...Ruby is a southern lady that weighed around 700 pounds and decided that she wanted to live a better life and lose the weight once and for all. After losing 230 pounds, she got a reality show. The second season of Ruby begins on Sunday, July 5th 7pm Central Time. You can also find her on Twitter @rubysjourney

I just found out about this new show Cook Yourself Thin on Lifetime. Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook gives you skinny alternatives to your favorite foods. I'm going to LOVE this show because I love to cook but some of my favorite recipes are not the healthiest and I'd love to know how to make them lower calorie so I can continue to eat them. Take the Cook Yourself Thin Quiz Here are my results....

You’re a Comfort-Food Craver

You love food and home-cooked meals. Some of your favorite recipes have been in your family for years, and just the smell of them makes you feel safe and happy. You’re also a modern foodie and love to sample the latest bistro. You have a pretty good idea about nutrition and how to create a flavorful, satisfying meal, but your enthusiasm for eating means portion control doesn’t enter your mind. Some of your cooking methods and ingredients are as antiquated as your recipes (it is possible to make mashed potatoes without cream and a stick of butter, you know). Fortunately, while our recipes cut down on calories, they never compromise on taste or comfort. (Check out these delectable "Cook Yourself Thin" recipes.) Open your mind to some new ingredients and techniques and you can feel cozy without looking like a plush teddy bear.

You can watch full episodes HERE!


  1. I love me some Ruby....I am so excited ti get to see her in the morning!!! She is looking good. I also love me some young and the restless......... good stuff.

  2. I just watched a few clips from her show. She's so sweet! I just love that accent.

    Of course, she is now set up on the TIVO for a series recording.

  3. Hi Connie!

    I had never heard of Ruby. What an inspiring story. Her show sounds really good - I will have to TIVO it. Thanks! Hope you are having an awesome day!


  4. I love Ruby! I followed her throughout her first season and of course tuned in on Sunday for the start of her second season. She truly is an amazing woman and so inspiring!

    Hope you have a wonderful week! :D

  5. WOW! Love the post. It was very insightful. I can't wait to get the TIVO subscription to Cook Yourself Thin!

  6. Wow...I didn't realize I'd fallen behind on my blog reading! I too love Ruby and Cook Yourself Thin! I am SO motivated by shows like these!!!

    I'm proud of your progress!!! You're quite an inspiration!!!

  7. I missed the show but really wanted to watch it after seeing some previews for it. I hope to catch it soon.


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