Monday, May 2, 2011

Day Two: Stumble

*Someone* complained about the food all day yesterday. I must really love him because I did not enjoy torturing him.  But something amazing happened....

He didn't have heart burn last night and he didn't wake me up snoring. 

That seems pretty great for one day of eating REAL food.  Hmmmm....

He also appears to have lost 5 pounds overnight.  I'm sure it's not really weight...just water but still.


I stumbled today.....had a McDonald's breakfast burrito.  I didn't mean to order one when I got one for my kids but out of habit I ordered three.  Then I ate it.  I made it my lunch and I'm still under my calories so I guess I'm okay.

TOM arrived today.  I don't know why I wasn't expecting him.  This is going to be interesting....dieting while he's here.  I want ice cream soooo bad.

Must resist!

I made another 20 Years Younger Recipe today.  Tuna Salad and it was great!  I can see us eating this frequently.  Hubby even liked it!

Tuna Salad


  1. Good for you! The more benefits iKeith sees, the easier it will get to stick too.

    Gotta get through the detox!

  2. Those rolls you've been eating look AMAZING. I would've slathered the tuna salad on the roll, YUM!

    You're doing great - you guys are still adjusting so I think it's expected to stumble a little bit. Once you both get more comfortable I'm sure it'll be a lot easier! :)

  3. Its okay to stumble. It happens to the best of us. Point is not to let it ruin your whole day. They also have a lot of great ice cream treats from WW to help curb that craving without over doing it. Good luck today!

  4. Slipping is ok. Getting back up is what's important. Just keep it up.

  5. Skinny Cow and WW have some great ice cream desserts. The very fact that you kept going despite your stumble is a huge success, so good for you! :)

  6. McD's at breakfast is soo bad! I can't eat it any other time of day. I have to strictly avoid that place in the A.M. How are things going?

  7. I read something the other day about failure and I'm paraphrasing ... failure isn't falling down but rather failure is not getting back up. That's helping me as I am GREAT about diet and exercise for several days and then BAM! Back to eating poorly and no exercise. Sigh ... we'll get there right??? Hope you are feeling great with the diet change!! The food sounds amazing!

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