Friday, January 27, 2012

9 Months of Training

I went out for drinks with my Kinder Mom friends the other night and I jokingly said that I was training for the Eagle Bolt 5K race at the kids' school.

I'm serious but the joking part is that it's 9 months away.

Is there a Couch to 5K plan for people that take 9 months to train for something?

I've tried those programs before and I've never finished because I have to start week 1 over a half dozen times.  Or the weather turns crappy and I quit.

Does anyone have tips for staying motivated on these plans?  Is there a new and exciting app I need to know about?

Help me out!


  1. Well, I'm getting ready to START that program and can tell you right now I'll need to do week one maybe for 2 weeks etc. Why not stretch each week out twice?

    Also, as much as I would love to also find the magic app to help me run, I think we've just got to actually get up and out and do it. :) There is an iphone app that seems pretty good...not exciting though. lol

  2. I had to stop my 5k plans until my back is better and core is stronger. That said, I think there are some free podcasts you can download with music/encouragement to keep going. I need to remember what friend told me about them and ask the name of it.

  3. I did the Couch to 5K program (C25K) and it worked well for me. There are phone apps, downloadable MP3 recordings, etc.

    As far as motivation goes, I think you know that it has to come from you...all the tools and gadgets won't make it happen.

    Get a clear vision of why you want to embark on the path and really internalize it. If you believe it, you WILL do it.

  4. I did the C25K program two years ago for the first time and my motivation was two things:
    1. I had committed to it publicly on my blog and I knew I could complete 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. That was all the exercise I did on the days I did that.
    2. I wanted to run in a 5K.

    You have both of those reasons, so go for it. I updated my blog weekly with whether or not I completed it.

    Then I signed up for my first race after finishing the program. After the race I kept myself jogging for 25 minutes a few times a week and then started doing the same idea but alternating jogging with faster running.

    I'm going to start it over again soon, because I've taken about a six month break from running. I have also committed to doing another 5K this year, probably in the fall.

    Let me know if you do it and we can keep in touch. I won't start running until my doc gives me the ok as I've just had a minor surgery 12 days ago.

    Good luck!!

  5. I have no suggestions. Just try jogging 2-3 times a week. If you can do 2, 2.5 miles you can do a 5k. Sounds easy......I need to do it too! :-)


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