Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr Google and Menopause

My husband is horribly ill.  He had two seperate colds over the holidays and now he has what could be the flu but I'm convinced that is mono.

That's what I get for consulting Dr. Google.

We'll find out if I'm right this afternoon when he sees the doctor again.

And as if that isn't enough on my plate.....I think TOM is trying to visit me again.  After only a 12 day break. 

This is bullshit!!!

I woke up with 3 extra pounds, a migraine and spotting. (sorry guys that might read this)

I seem to remember that this is how it started for my Mom.  CRAP!


  1. Did it start early for your mom too?? Yikes! Hope your husband gets some answers at the doctors today!

  2. Yuck!! I am glad my mother didn't go through that until she was in her late 50's. I am hoping it waits that long for me:)

  3. Mono and two would be quite a pair!

    I hope he gets a definitive diagnosis today and that it is NOT mono!

  4. The internet is dangerous for self diagnosis. One time I had a urinary tract infection (never had one before) and my friend had me so freaked out that it was Gonorrhea that I had to go to a clinic on a holiday weekend, I was so scared.


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