Monday, January 23, 2012

Nut Chips....YUM

In my quest to be gluten free....I'm always looking for something I can eat to replace the things I can't have anymore. 

Sometimes....I just want something crunchy.

I went to Sunflower Market on Saturday and wandered down the chip isle.  This caught my eye.

Chips made from RICE and NUTS?  You wouldn't think it would be good....but I love them!


  1. Haven't heard of them...I'll keep my eye out so we can try them too!

  2. Lots of good crackers out there. Mary's Gone Crackers are great. If you want a basic saltine-type cracker, Glutino is great to keep on hand for stomach viruses and/or soup. They have them at Target.

  3. I've found rice chips and black bean chips. Both YUM!


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