Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week Nine...Re-set Button

Welcome to the Ninth (completed) week of Extreme Makeover: ME Edition hosted by the incredible Amber Filkins!

Let's weigh-in...

Last week: 210 pounds
This week: 207 pounds

LOST..... 3 pounds

YAY! I also lost a total of 3 inches from my waist, hips, torso and thighs.

The Plan from Last Week:

Last friday, I ditched my plan and decided to take some drastic measures. Because it was a three day weekend, I thought it would be a great time to do a juice fast/colon cleanse. You can read all of the details HERE and the update HERE. The bottom line is that I'm so glad that I did it. I feel like I pushed a reset button on my body because I'm not craving soda or sugar anymore. Now, I have to work on this uncontrollable urge to put food in my mouth...even when I'm not hungry. I need to buy some more gum to keep my mouth busy.

The Plan for Week Ten:
Red...not completed

AM Walk Outside
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
Water Aerobics
  • Saturday

Strength Train

  • Thursday
  • Monday
Yoga & Meditation
  • Sunday
7.25 hours of sleep a night
Take Vitamins and Acidophilus

If you are looking for a great cookbook with healthy recipes...look HERE.


  1. Well, what else am I gonna say?!...WOOHOO!!

    Go Connie, Go Connie, Go Connie!!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  2. 3 inches---thats impressive. I really think I am ready to do the detox. Soon for me. I am proud of you, you are a motivator!!

  3. WOW!! Way to go Connie!!! That's awesome. You did great girl!! Look at you doing a cleanse on a holiday weekend. I indulged and I think I may have gained a little.

    Good luck this week!

    Much love from NJ,

  4. 3 pounds AND 3 inches!? That's great! I was too tired last night to post EM:ME, but I'm going to do it this morning.

    You're doing AWESOME girl!!

  5. YEAH CONNIE!!!! I am SO proud of you :-) Keep plugging away and watch the pounds fall off. Matt showed me an article about fasting this morning that I need to read - maybe I'll give that a shot soon.

  6. Congrats on three pounds and three inches! That's fabulous!

    I was intrigued to read about your juice fast/colon cleanse ~ I've been considering doing a fruit and veggie cleanse this weekend, and just may have to try it after hearing about your awesome results!

    Good luck with your goals this week ~ you can do it!

  7. Great job - 3 lbs. and 3 inches - Super!

    Unlike most of the rest of us who took the Holiday weekend OFF from dieting, you did something constructive - it's great when you can push the reset button isn't it?

    Keep up the good work - you're motivating me!

  8. WOO HOO Connie! 3 pounds and three inches??? That is great! Good plan!


  9. Yea for Team Colon Cleanse!!

    Thats great!

    I'm so glad you got the weight loss you were hoping for. You've worked really hard and I'm so proud of you!!

  10. Awesome job on the 3 lbs!!!!!!! That is an awesome workout plan btw.....that should make you feel GREAT!!!!

    Have a fab week...sorry it took me sooo long to finally get around to posting my EM:ME and getting around to everyone's posts :)

  11. Great job on the 3 lbs! That's so awesome! Good luck for this next week...can't wait to see more progress...you're doing great!

  12. WOO-HOO! Nice job! So excited about the three pounds, but even better that you feel refreshed and renewed. On to even greater things!

  13. 7.25 hours, your hoot. So you did the cleanse huh. 3 Pounds! That's great!


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