Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thighs of Steel?

We started Parent/Child swimming lessons yesterday. I was worried about wearing a swimming suit but once I put it on I realized that I didn't look so bad...just really white. I bought a suit last summer from a plus sized store online and it is a very flattering one with a skirt. And I realized that I didn't give a crap what the other mom's thought of me anyway and I was so focused on my beautiful daughter that I never gave it a second thought.

So...I was crouching in 3.5 feet of water, holding my 23 pound 2 year old for 40 minutes. And 15 minutes of that I was crouching/walking in a little circle called the lazy river. My shins had started to cramp up by the end of the class but I didn't really realize just how much exercise I was doing....until today.

I woke up at 5:35am. This is my normal wake-up go for a walk in the neighborhood time during the week. But it's Sunday and I was going to sleep until 7am. I decided that since I was awake...I should go walk. Great Idea, until I got out of bed....and almost fell to the floor!

The fronts of my thighs are in horrific pain! We live in a 4 level house and it is all I can do to get up and down the stairs! And my left arm (the one that was holding my daughter the most) is almost unusable.

On the one hand.....I am in pain but I'm also thinking AWESOME! I got in a work out bobbing in the water! I'm going to have THIGHS OF STEEL by July when this class is over. My legs are going to looks amazing!


my beautiful family


  1. OH my....I am so proud of you!! You know you have reached a milestone when you are happy to have exercise(d)!! You go girl, that is a major accomplishment. Those pool workouts are a killer. And the time spent with that cutie of a daughter is priceless. And I am quite jealous of that play structure in the pool, very cool. BTW: your husband is a cutie too.

  2. Yea yea yea! Exercise that was fun and spent with your daughter; doesn't get much better than that.

    Your legs will HOT come July!!

  3. Oh I know - those "surprise" workouts can make for the most day-after pain. I once took a kickboxing class at my gym (back in the stone ages when I used to go to the gym) and I guess I overdid it on the boxing part. I was worthless the next day, and knew it was pretty extreme when I couldn't use the three hole punch at work. That kind of cracked me up at the time.

  4. That is funny stuff! Who knew little kids swimming lessons could be so brutal?! You have a darling family :)

  5. Aw cute fam! I used to be a lifeguard and my fave classes to teach were Parent 'n Tots. Soo cute!! Water workouts are definitely a great way to lose weight and get toned, and its low impact!!

  6. Woo hoo! And you know what? It won't hurt so much next time! Now my question is, what did it feel like 2 days later! That's always worst for me :-)


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