Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Drives You?

I posted about momentum the other day and it's been on my mind ever since. It is not just the motion but the power residing in a moving object. The power to continue this momentum is within ME! I'm surprised how much of this journey to lose weight is mental. And how much I have to convince myself to do what I know is right....and how often my body takes over and makes cookies anyway.

I found an article in Body+Soul magazine about meeting goals. The information is based on the book Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe. I will give you an overview and you can determine which one you are.

What Drives You?
Like fuel your engine...what is the powerful internal force keeping you going to your goal?

If being competitive, having a deadline and the end result drives you then you are most likely a Producer. A producer gets things done! You probably have a TYPE A personality and are blessed with willpower and self-discipline. Fast-paced and task oriented, producers can conquer any challenge.

When you feel your motivation dwindling....
  • Crunch the numbers...track your stats, keep a food diary and count calories.
  • Turn your goal into a game...try to break a record or outdo yourself. Make your progress public. (like on a blog)
  • Enlist a few friends to join you!

If collaboration, teamwork and relationships drive you then you are most likely a Connector. A connector puts relationships first! You are loyal, empathetic and supportive. You would rather fit in than stand out and are fueled by open ended time frames.

When you feel your strength weakening...
  • Find and connect with people who have overcome a similar hurdle or reached the same goal.
  • Seek out a group that can stimulate your motivation and match you with like-minded individuals.
  • Make yourself accountable to someone that can keep you focused.

What Inspires You To Do Your Best?
What makes what you are doing all worthwhile?

If you feel validated by appreciation and you like to make a contribution you are probably a Internal. Internal's what to make a difference! You have an internal reward system and tend to be mission minded and derive satisfaction from meaningful work. You need to feel good about what you are doing and are fueled by positive feedback.

When you feel unmotivated....
  • Reconnect with your mission. Jot your goals on a post it not and hang it on your bathroom mirror.
  • Journal. Write about your frustrations and refocus on the reasons you chose your goal in the first place.
  • Replenish your inner resources. Take a yoga classes, get a massage, read a book or get a good night's sleep.
If you need tangible benefits to spur you on you are probably a External. Externals thrive with attention and reward! You are success oriented and energetic and measure your success with tangible assets. You have a bottom line focus and good work ethic...but risk coming across as high-maintenance. Being compensated and recognized for your hard work keeps you inspired.

When you feel like you're stuck....
  • Celebrate an achievement with a reward such as a new workout outfit, shoes or weights.
  • Evaluate how each action you have taken has brought you closer to your goal.
Go HERE to take a test and learn more about what motivates you! Here are my results.

Connie’s Motivational DNA Type is: PVE
The Champion

Champions enjoy a challenge and love to win. They are charming and enthusiastic leaders. Champions are natural persuaders. They don’t mind being the center of attention and are good at working with others while advancing their own ideas. Champions tend to be engaging and charismatic. They are skilled at getting things done in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In fact, obstacles just make tasks more interesting for a Champion. They are quick decision makers and can be impatient with those who are not. As solid negotiators, Champions are willing to compromise to get the job done. Champions have an innate ability to get others to follow their lead.

PVE Motivators: Challenging assignments, authority, profitability, freedom from supervision and control, opportunities for advancement, contests, public recognition, deadlines, calculated risk and popularity.

PVE De-Motivators: Strict controls, protracted analysis, “group think,” and deliberation without meaningful action.

Quick Start Tips:
1. Your motivational type is always busy. It’s imperative that you create space in your schedule to devote exclusively to doing what is necessary to achieve the goal. The time will not magically appear. You must block off intervals to work on your goal.
2. Competition and commensurate rewards are powerful motivators for your motivational style. Design a contest with like-minded achievers who have the same goal. The first one to cross the finish line wins the big prize.
3. Make sure that the process is enjoyable. Invest the time and intentional focus to find fun ways of achieving your goal.

I thought the results where right on! While taking the test, it asked what de-motivates me and I realized that being criticized can completely ruin any momentum I have. I feel like criticism of my weight as a kid had a detrimental effect on me. It would upset me so much emotionally that I would take it out on a box of butter cookies which I would hide in my closet. I still need to realize that I can't heal wounds with cookies.


  1. great post.
    for me what drives me changes so often. now it is my NEED to have energy to keep up with my Toddler and be healthy enough to live to see her grow up.
    Im not a young mom (40 with a 3 yo) so that is REALLY DARN motivating :)


  2. I LOVE those kinds of personality assessments.

    And, after reading through yours, I feel this is probably what combination I would be, too!

    I was thinking about #2- Competition and commensurate rewards are powerful motivators for your motivational style. Design a contest with like-minded achievers who have the same goal. The first one to cross the finish line wins the big prize.

    A while back I thought about getting a weight-loss group together for a healthy competition. Let's say the buy-in is $50 and you set a goal (only people with at least 20 lbs can participate). We set a time line in which to lose the weight (6 months, maybe).

    If you reach YOUR personal goal than you get $25 of your $50 back. The other $25 goes to the overall winner (or is divied up among the winners in the case of a tie).

    What do ya think??

    We'd have to get people that have a similar amount of weight to lose to keep things relatively even. And, our goal wouldn't be our ultimate weight. We would pick a healthy amount of weight to lose in that 6 month period (50 lbs is a good goal).

    We could create a blog that we each post on and contribute to as a way to keep up with each others success and setbacks.



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