Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week Six...Miracles

Welcome to the Sixth (completed) week of Extreme Makeover: ME Edition hosted by the incredible Amber Filkins!

Let's weigh-in...

Last week: 212 pounds
This week: 211 pounds

LOST..... 1 pound

This is a freakin miracle!

The Plan from last week!

I did not exercise 4 times. After I made that goal, I started to think about the 3 mile walk that I needed to complete on Saturday and I didn't want to let my team down by injuring my knee. I was so proud of myself for walking miles IN THE RAIN! I felt really good that day and made some healthy choices afterward. For example, that afternoon...I went to a birthday party and I ate a turkey burger! It was so good!! I also ate some fruit instead of chips. I have been drinking more water but I didn't cut back very well on the soda due major PMS. I really need to find a cure for that....I didn't drink any alcohol and I ate several salads. Overall, I think I did great this week!

The Plan for Week Seven:

Exercise Every Weekday (except for Friday)
Drink more water
Begin to replace soda with Iced Tea
Lift Weights 2x
Get 7 hours of sleep
Eat more veggies
Friday...we are driving to Denver (525 miles away) to see David Copperfield. I'm hoping that he will make my fat disappear. It's worth a try right? We will then turn around and come back on Sunday. 20 total hours in the car. Fast food, junk food, Big Gulp Sodas, my favorite restaurant and a Starbucks within walking distance. AKA TROUBLE!

I vow....to make good choices. I am going to enjoy my dinner out with my husband but will make good choices during the day to allow for more dinner and wine (oh yes, there will be wine) calories. I will make smart choices when we stop for fast food and I will grab a bottle of water instead of a soda on the road.

I accepted Amber's challenge to workout every weekday in May. I also stole her idea for marking days off on a calendar, putting mine on the fridge right next to the Victoria Secret model that I tore out of a magazine. I'm hoping she will help keep me out of the fridge! This was just the challenge I needed! Thank Amber!

I feel like an idiot. *connie smacks herself on the forehead* I am guilty of getting stuck in one way of thinking and not being able to see beyond that. I had myself convinced that I had to get my workouts done while the kids were napping/sleeping/caged. The reason that this is a ridiculous idea is that my gym is IN my kids' playroom. Today, I took them downstairs and they played while I worked out. I wasn't able to concentrate because they were asking me a million questions....but I moved my body! There is NO REASON why I can't do my workout every single day!

Question of the Week:We're all here at EM:ME because we're unhappy with our bodies, or our health; there are things that we are trying to change. But today you must share one thing with everybody that you absolutely love about yourself.

Great question! It is easy to focus on the negative and forget that there are wonderful qualities within us. I think the thing I love most about myself is my passion! I tend to be passionate about many things...my children, cooking, crafting...the list can go on and on. This passion also helps me to be a glass half full kind of person and I'm always focusing on the future and how to make it better. Lastly, my ability to take care of my family. I work so hard to make sure that everyone has what they need. I prepare wonderful meals, clean, organize, plan trips and outings and love my husband with everything I've got. Oh, And I think I have pretty eyes.

Check back this week because I am going to share something that is keeping me motivated! I'm really excited about it!


  1. Way to go!!! Great job, and glad you were able to do the walk like you wanted!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to share!!!

  2. You *have* had a great week! You're so right about exercising with kiddos with ya. If I waited until I was alone, well, I'd never get any exercise in. (Good grief, I can't even got to the bathroom alone!). Besides, my girls LOVE to exercise with Mama :)

  3. 5 days a week? That's a great challenge.

    I use the treadmill with the kids in the room, but I have it gated off. I imagine a treadmill could fling a toddler pretty far, LOL.

  4. I am so proud of you. I am lovin' the positive energy! Good job on the race.

  5. ROFL...David Copperfield will make my fat dissapear!!! That is hilarious, you just crack me up!

    Great job on losing!! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your special time with Hubby!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  6. Awesome job this week! I'm so jealous you are going to see DC! Wow...love him!

    I too accepted Ambers workout challenge...we can do it!

    I love your attitude, and love reading what you have to say each week! And also the posts you make in between EM:ME!

  7. Great job! I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  8. That is awesome that you lost a lb and figured out a way to work out with the kids around. Perhaps after a while they will just get used to it.

  9. Way to go Connie!! You did great. Especially working out with your children around. That's no easy feat! I giggled when you said napping/sleeping/caged!!

    Have fun in Denver. My hubby is there right now....but he's not seeing David Copperfield or having any fun at all. He's working.

    Cute picture!! Good luck this week!

    Much love from NJ,

  10. You rock girl! You're lucky that you have exercise equipment, and especially in your kids' playroom. Love that. Plus, you can work out while they're awake, and then have some GOOD mama time while they're asleep {ie--blogging, resting, etc}. :)

    Have fun this weekend! I KNOW you can do it, you WILL make good choices! And I agree, it wouldn't hurt to ask for him to make it disappear. Ask him about mine too!!

  11. Great job Connie! You're a better person than I am for working out with the kids, they'd make me C.R.A.Z.Y.! It IS all about making smart choices, and I like restaurants that make it easy. If I know where I'm going ahead of time for dinner/fast food, I always check their website (assuming it's a chain) and figure out what I'm going to have BEFORE I sit down and eat a breadstick/soup/salad/sure I'll have wine and dessert! All those calories add up FAST! But if you can plan ahead, it makes it a lot easier. And skip the french fries :-) You're making terrific progress!

  12. Connie this is great! Passion is going to help achieve your goals! YOu can do it!!

  13. Great work! I wish my kiddos would let me work out while they are awake! Have a great week!


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