Friday, May 1, 2009

No PIzza for Me Ma!

Last night my husband decided to bring home pizza because the kids requested it. I agreed and then got to thinking about it and decided that I did not want to eat pizza. The amount of calories are more than I wanted to eat and it gives me heartburn. Plus, I always feel like crap after I eat a carb hangover. However...this doesn't happen when I make my own pizza with homemade dough and choose my own toppings (favorite right now is Fresh Mozzarella and Caramelized Onions!)

I called Hubby up on his way home and I asked if he minded bringing me a Subway Sandwich instead. He was happy to do it and was proud of me for passing up the pizza.

I was proud of me too.....


  1. Awesome job, Connie!!! Making healthy choices like that will make the pounds melt off!

    Way to go!!


  2. Great Job! I am so proud of you! WAHOO!

  3. Good for you Connie! Subway is way yummier anyways!


  4. Wow, good for you for passing on the pizza! I can never ever ever ever ever say no to pizza. In fact we had a pizza night on Wednesday and I had 2 slices. Plus I finished up the baby's slice, too. Since he didn't eat all of it. Bad me. Good you!

  5. Honestly, good for you. I get sucked into I have to eat something if someone gives it to me or if it is just there or if I see it.

  6. I'm proud of you too! Great job! It's sometimes hard to pass up the junk when everyone else is having it!

    My hardest thing is when Hubby calls and says, "I'm stopping at the gas station for a Dr. you want one?"

    The gas station by our house has the. best. Dr. Pepper. Ever.

    ARGH! Thanks for setting a good example!

  7. Wow, props to you!! It is SO hard to pass up. I go to lunch with my parents sometimes during the week, and we usually go to pizza. Like THE best pizza on the planet {Me-N-Ed's, you probably don't have it}

    Anyways, I usually get Subway b/c it's 2 doors down, but it is SO hard!! The last time I just got pizza, and in the end, wished I would've stuck with Subway.

    Go you!!

  8. Way to go!!!!! Pizza is the hardest to pass up for me!!! I soooo love that stuff!

  9. I'm soooo proud of you! It's those choices that will help shed the pounds. Way to go!

  10. Great choice Connie! And yay hubby for stopping at Subway for you. Me, I've had 2 pieces of birthday cake today -sigh.

  11. Wow! You can get the rid of pizza temptation, that's excellent!


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