Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week Seven...Choices

Welcome to the Seventh (completed) week of Extreme Makeover: ME Edition hosted by the incredible Amber Filkins!

Let's weigh-in...

Last week: 211 pounds
This week: 210 pounds

LOST..... 1 pound

*yay...I'm so happy*

The Plan from last Week:

I exercised every weekday (except Friday because we were traveling)! Whoo Hoo! I have to tell you...I was so proud of myself while we were on our trip. We ate at Subway instead of McDonalds and I only drank one soda a day. Many times I only ate half of my meal but I did drink an entire bottle of wine by myself! If you would like to see more about my trip...Click HERE.

I have not replaced my soda yet. Coming back from Denver and all of the laundry and just getting back in our routine has been a little difficult. AND NOW...I am running around the house like a crazy person trying to declutter because we have decided to move back to Denver! My hubby is applying for jobs and hopefully he will find one quickly. Please Pray that this works out for us.

The Plan for Week Eight:

Exercise every week day
Drink more water
Replace soda with Sun Tea
Get 7 hours of sleep
Take Vitamins everyday
I am going to try really hard not to have fast food this week. The calories and sodium really screw me up and I don't need it. I would much rather have a bowl of cereal than a burger. Now...If I could just break this soda habit. I am also going to research eating Gluten Free and I have a new cookbook to share with you.

Question of the Week: Show us your inspiration picture. Of yourself skinny, of yourself fat, of a celebrity that inspires you to keep going.

I really need to go through my tub of pictures and find one from the past that is inspirational to me. For now, I will tell you about when I felt the most fit and was in the best shape.

In 2002, I went to the gym every morning with my roommate, I ate small healthy meals and I looked really good. I was active, outgoing and having a blast! That year....I went on a white water rafting trip and I jumped from a 30 foot cliff into the Colorado River. Fat Connie wouldn't have done either of these things.

Here is the celebrity that I most admire and would like to look like. She looks awesome in jeans and has great arms! I have had to conceal her identity....but I'm sure you know who she is.

WOW! Did you watch The Biggest Loser. Can you believe Jerry? And Helen? I was a little disappointed that Tara didn't win but what an inspiration Helen is. She is only 10 years older than me. Jerry is proof that anyone can lose weight and get their life back...you just have to work at it!

I want to thank you all for your support the last two months. Having this blog and knowing that I have people that are rooting for me and are willing to take time out of their busy days to comment and encourage me has been so helpful!

Have a great week! Need some Motivation?


  1. Will definitely keep ya'all in my prayers regarding the move and a job.

    YAY for the 1 pound!!! That is wonderful, and definitely proof that a little bit at a time and a few changes here and there really make a difference.

    You're doing great!

  2. Way to go!!! A pound is awesome!! Praying for ya on the move, hope it all works out!!:-)

  3. Woo hoo Connie! You are doing awesome! And good job eating healthy on your trip. I think that is the hardest time to be good. Good luck this week!

    I am praying for you with the move!


  4. I am rooting for you! You are doing geat. 1 lb. is truly worth being excited over.

  5. AWESOME on losing the 1 lb!! I love Subway. I really could eat that everyday. Stopping eating fast food can be sooo hard. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  6. That's awesome girl! Yay for healthy choices! And yay for losing 1 pound!!

    I'll be praying with you on the move. Can't wait to hear more about it!

    Here's to another awesome week!!

  7. Good job! I'm so proud of you...and I'm praying for you on the job and move situation!

    It's a huge accomplishment to make healthy choices on vacation...yay for you!

    You are doing awesome and I know you're gonna make it to your goal!

  8. Great job on your loss. Will pray for a great and quick move. I cut soda out of my every day life and it is a hard one for sure! Sometimes when I think I need a soda fix I drink these flavored soda water things that you can buy at the grocery store. Its basically flavored carbonated water. Comes in all kinds of flavors. Its like a trick to my brain because of the carbonation. Otherwise I try to stick with lots of water and throw in some iced tea and Crystal Light too. Good luck this week!

  9. You go girl. One day at a time. It isn't easy but we can all make it.

  10. Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!Den-VER!

    Will totally be praying for that! I have a super good friend who has moved to Denver for work (engineering firm) Move there and then we can meet up IRL! (I'll buy youan oatmeal cookie martini!)
    Congrats on your loss. (BTW - if that celeb is who I think it is, don't be too inspired... eating disorder....)

  11. I love that you posted your weight ~ what a great way to hold yourself accountable! And congrats on your weight loss!

    Good luck with your goals for the week! I've been working on drinking more water too, and have found that putting those Crystal Light On the Go packets in my water bottle really helps me guzzle it down. :o)

  12. Way to go on the weight loss Connie!! That's great and you were travelling too. No easy feat. You should feel very proud of yourself!!

    Good luck with the move back to Denver. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I taped the BL so I haven't watched it yet. I loved Tara but she won everything. Almost every single challenge. It was like a blowout. I always root for the underdog so I'm kind of happy Helen won. She's a couple of years older than me and it gives me so much inspiration that she won!!

    Good luck this week.

    Much love from NJ,

  13. You have a great plan - keep up the good work. It's great to be able to look back on a time in your life and remember what you did to stay in shape - that's better than a picture!

    Take care!

  14. Yeah on your loss! Keep it up girl. I too was disappointed that Tara didn't win. Have a great week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  15. Good job girly.. way to keep up the good work!


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